Step 7: Harvest

Picture of Harvest
Let your pineapples get ripe on the plant. They taste better that way, rather than the store bought pineapples that get ripe on the shelves. When the outside skin of the pineapple starts changing from brown to yellow, go outside with a saw and cut through the stalk supporting the pineapple. In this process of waiting for the opportune moment to pick your pineapple, be careful of the neighborhood squirrels. They also enjoy nice ripe pineapples, so if you don't beat them too it, you may go outside one morning and find your pineapple half devoured.

Take the pineapple inside and enjoy eating your home grown fruit. Enjoy it, and save the top so when you're finished you can make your pineapple plants multiply...
kvettegirl884 months ago

My Aunt and Uncle live in Canada and they grew Pinapples so it can be done anywhere :)

I live in southeast AZ and have a lot of growing time. So, I got a little pocket book some years ago that showed how you can grow "free" plants. The pineapple directions said, when the pineapple plant is at least 2 ft tall, and if you put an apple with it, and enclose it in plastic, the gas created by the apple can cause the growth of the fruit. I goofed and hacked my plant with my weedeater one day and....... bye-bye plant. :( My question is: if I manage to get the plant to produce a fruit, is that the only one it will produce, or will the same plant grow more than one pineapple?

Bruce Voss3 years ago
I live in a gated comuniity in southwest florida, we have an enclosed lani 24 by 40ft. (sreened in patio )I put in a planting bed 2' wide and around the perimitor.We dont have space for a trditional garden. The produce ladies at our Publics supper market that cut-up and make fruit cups gave me a dosen tops to get me started with planting my pineapple?flower bed. each week I plant a new start.If things go as planed I'll plant around 60 tops .I cant think of a hedge that could be more satisfying.
mrmerino3 years ago
Wow, neat! Is Arizona a nice place to grow those? I love the smell.
fresh pinapples look so good
are they better thann the baught ones?
tjesse4 years ago
Eat the squirrels.
pechka5 years ago
I've found that when ripening a pineapple, it helps to take off the crown of leaves and turn it upside-down.   This way it equalizes the sweetness; otherwise you have the sweet bottom and the tart top.  I think that the best way to tell a ripe pineapple is to smell it.

Great instructable, thank you!
logman2346 years ago
My parents used to live in florida and did the same thin. But they live in wisconsin now and in the winter there is not enough natural light to keep it alive. Same thing with my orange tree. So your going to need some artificial light. I grow my orange tree in the basement and used cfl lightbulbs for about 10-12 hours a day that seems to work very good.
lil jon1686 years ago
lol now i can gaurd somthing fom squirrels besides my pecan tree
Readers living in colder climates could benefit from one of the "how to build a greenhouse" instructables. That pineapple is a bit more than "half" eaten! Bad squirrels.
I so wish I lived where it was warm enough to do this. I love pineapple and would plant my entire yard with them. Great Instructable!
You can try in a pot that you keep indoors. I agree with the steps here. We just threw them in the yard in southern Florida and they grew. My parent have two acres, my Dad is a plantaholic, and they(pineapples) are in the grove of avocados, along the rock walls. Waste not, want not. Plus if you can plant them outdoors, they are a great deterrent to people walking around them. The leaves have spikes and can be mean.
exoticman7 years ago
My pineapple is just now beginning to turn yellow a little, so harvest time is still awhile yet. I DO have 4 shoots below it. Should I remove and replant them or leave them on?
ahh now that some good pineapple
Thanks for the photos with the step-by-step instructions. We planted a pineapple top a couple months ago and it's already taken root. Having never seen a pineapple plant before, it was great to see what we're in store for! You rock!
digrat7 years ago
At the Dole pineapple plantation in Hawaii, they said that pineapples do not ripen after you pick them. Have you found that if you pick a "green" pineapple that it will ripen off the plant?
smistry0077 years ago
couple of other questions - does it need to be cross polinated or does the fruit just develop? - once you harvest the fruit, will the plant make another fruit subsequently the following year or does the plant die? excellent write up btw!
mommalaher7 years ago
wow!! i thought pineapples grew in a tree! i use to live in birmingham al, i bet a pineapple plant would do well there! maybe it would have to be covered in case of a freeze and plenty of mulch around the plant base to keep it from freezing? on the other hand i live in seattle washington now and would not even attempt to grow a pineapple in the ground here. it is june 5th and it is 60 degrees right now. i am dreaming of a hot location right now. it ain't natural to be cold in june if your from the south!! thanks for this instructable it was very informative.
mpgs3247 years ago
I have several questions. (Some may have already been answered) 1.Can a wire net or cage of some type be placed around the fruit as it is growing in order to protect it from squirrels? Waiting a whole year for a pineapple and having it destroyed by a squirrel could be devastating. 2. Is plant food a no no? 3. Though I live in B'ham, AL we still can get some cold nights in the winter so I'd be planting in a pot. What size pot should I get? Great Instructable and pics.
kimland7 years ago
I live in Portland, Oregon, and I'm wondering if it gets warm enough here for this great experiment. Can you share where you are located?
jeff-o7 years ago
Looks like a sugar-fueled feeding frenzy!