Follow a few easy growing rules and you too can successfuly grow a poinsettia and succulent houseplant. The rules include potting, watering, and lighting

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Step 1: What you need...

- Miracle Grow potting soil
- Sand
- Ceramic Pot
- Watering Can
Thank you so much for your advises! I have a Poinsettia since Xmas'2005, and still lives, but I was afraid she was weak, because she wasn't growing as it used to. I toke it off the plastic but that isn't enough (know I now). Sorry for my english :) Huge hug from Portugal!
Very nice instructable. I would only add that, in older homes with radiators, many times they are located under a window, and that is, of course, not a good place for plants during the winter. Near an air vent, for forced air, central air homes probably should be avoided too.
Thank you! That is very good advice. Heaters certainly dry out house plants. One type of soil I like to use to prevent drying is Miracle Grow Moisture Control. When I lived in South Lake Tahoe, where the climate is naturally VERY dry, we ran humidifyers 24/7. Our house plants had to be watered more often too. :-) GAiL
Nice instructable! You also have to protect your poinsettia from drafts cause by opening the door or window because drafts cause the petals and leaves to fall off and it'll end up looking like a stick.
Excellent advice! I will be sure to pass it on. :-) GAiL

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