This instructable will tell you helpful ways to guess what your Christmas present is...In fact it doesn't even need to be a Christmas present. It could be a birthday present!
This instructable doesn't cost any money and only needs a person (you) and a wrapped present...

Step 1: What You'll Need


1. You...eyes, ears, maybe a nose (I don't think you'll need it that much...unless someone gave you some food), and hands.
(if you have a disability, I apologize)

2. A wrapped present...

p.s. You did a good job, this was funny. Betcha don't know what your presents are this year, though. Love you.
KIds can be real <strong>monsters</strong>, can't they!<br />
I'm not a monster but my mom also says that
<p>true that</p>
<p>kids not KIds</p>
Are u his step mom?? I'm wondering
I think I do...?
wow, a conversation on instructables. . . thats like when im in my bedroom, and my mom is in the kitchen and she calls me on her cell. . . O.o
I know a Christmas present prank, okay 1. fill a tub with water 2. wrap it to make it look like a present 3. Put a bow under It so it looks like its upside down 4. watch your vicim turn it over and you know the rest (: This is a funny prank
What do u wrap?
If your parents got it on eBay check the my eBay thing and look at stuff if they bought it then it will say you bought this item<br>
I just ask if whatever they have is for me. I'm only asking for 4 things this year. :\
<p>Yeah so is my sister though my mom got her a lot of other things as well... So which one's which?</p>
<p>LOLZ. My Grandma was like &quot;Uh... You know that game you wanted?&quot;</p><p>Me: &quot;Yeah?&quot;</p><p>Her: &quot;Well what is it for? I see XBox and 3DS and a bunch of other stuff...&quot;</p><p>Me: &quot;3DS.&quot;</p><p>Her: &quot;Oh good... Okay well I had it shipped already and I was hoping I ordered the right one.&quot;</p><p>Me: &quot;O.o *Cracking up on the inside*&quot;</p><p>Moral: Listen closely to what people say.</p>
<p>Here is my story. I was at home with my sister and my mother called and asked can you help me get (My name)'s phone case. For me that is awesome cause i don't have a phone. But what I heard was pun cake. So I have a present here it says my name from my mom and sister. How do I know what it is.</p>
<p>Ha lol! A phone!</p>
What is this
What is this
<p>Another Method (If your parents ordered it off of the computer) : you could wait until they leave, then look in the search history.</p>
You could randomly walk up to them when they least expect it and ask &quot;what did you get me for christmas?&quot; If u catch them really off guard they will most likely say :)
this is a good way. say what did you get me? 1000 times. they might crack. if they dont, when they are gone open it a little then tape it back. glad this might help.
wat i do is read there txts cause my aunt ask wat she should get me and my mom said that i like girl stuff hair clothes stuff like that for a xbox and i saw that she got me a ipod touch 4
tells you nothing at all<br>
It's kinda helps but i do that some times i agree with ^^ 2 ups or Tammy93
I think if you knew what your present was before hand, it would ruin the point of surprising you on Christmas day. Plus, whenever I know about a secret like a Christmas gift, I always accidentely drop little hints that I know something. I think this was a clever 'ible, and you're just as smart! But I think it would ruin the surprise.
I totally Agee with u<br>
it is hard to gess what you got where would you think that they will hide it. maybe the bigger stuff is at your grandmothers house. the smaller stuff in there closet.once you get a chance you should look in the closet
I would say instead of guesing what's inside the present , just go out and buy exactly the same cheap wrapping paper the present is wrapped in . unwrap each present to see what's inside . Then wrap them all up again in identical wrapping it had on before . The present giver would be none the wiser, that you already know what they have given you .
I would use this but right now the only gift for me is in a bag. We keep most of them hidded away until X-mas eve and around then. This sucks :(
haha. my sister wrapped New Super Mario Wii in a Cocacola 12 pack, I had no clue what it was!
lol. my mom bought me an i pod and put it in a box full of legos. i was pretty bummed when i piked it up.......... XD but she went into my room and stole my logos..... ^^
This is cute, but in the first place, why would you want to know your gift in advance, why wait till you open it. besides, that's what gift giving is all about, showing appreciation and surprises. LOL!!<br><br><br><a href="http://www.bradfordsbakers.com/">Hampers</a><br>
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one thing i do is study the box or container of everything on my christmas list, and then look at the presents and sort everything into what it looks like it would fit in. example, a nintendo ds game + granola bars box + wrapping paper. i know that a nds game fits into a granola bars box and i wanted a ds game. this means that's probably what it is
i like ur username.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; BOOM!
My parents figured out that i am smart enough to know what the shape of a wrapped up video game is so now i get them in medium-large boxes :D<br />
i mean understand not figured out :P<br />
whats an i-pod mini?
hahaha, good one!<br /> <br /> but if your serious, i am ashamed of you :(
i knew. i just wanted to see what ppl would say.
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/kogakure/8716119/">http://www.flickr.com/photos/kogakure/8716119/</a><br/>
&nbsp;Some more tips:<br /> <br /> - Study DVD, CD, Blu-Ray, PSP, Xbox, DS, and PS3 disk boxes by closing your eyes and feeling them. Then get your wrapped present and feel <em>that</em> shape too. You can usually tell if its one of those things by just feeling.<br /> <br /> - Weigh the wrapped gift and then search all of the items that were on your list on google for their weights... the wrapped gift should be slightly heavier than the weight that you found on google.<br /> <br /> - If the box is a standard 6-sided box, measure the height, width, and length of your wrapped gift. search google for the dimensions &nbsp;of everything on your list and see if it corresponds with the product dimensions.<br /> <br /> - Check under your parents bed, in their closet, and other places along those lines. Sometimes you can find unwrapped presents.<br /> <br /> If you want to go really hardcore with this:<br /> <br /> - Go onto Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, etc. on whatever computer your parents use and if your logged on with your parents account, you can find your recently purchased items, this is a little bit cheap, but it can still be tricky sometimes.<br /> <br /> If you want to go all out!:<br /> <br /> - check credit card bills and receipts.<br /> <br /> hope this helped!<br />
well there was this medium sized present under my tree, and it turned out to be a gift card, with a big box, and duct tape to way it down so I wouldn't guess it!
I can Counter nearly all of this <br/><br/>1) Put it into a large box and put a rock in to and wrap the present in a seperate box (Squishing = Bad)<br/><br/>2) Large Box<br/><br/>3) Cover the box in ducktape and then wrapping paper so if you try to look in DUCKTAPE :3<br/><br/>4) Lie About when you bought it<br/><br/>5)If someone trys these I take a random box and wrap it in Thick Metal wire put a rock inside hide the real present take all the wirecutters and put them in the box to and Laugh after 30 min they get the box open and find wirecutters.<br/><br/>then I give them there present<br/><br/>These are great unless u engage in Presesnt Warfare<br/><br/>Spiritwolf General of Wrapingpaper<br/>
my parents bought a storage unit out of town where they put my gifts and hide the keys to get in
The method i use is to unwrap the present the way it has been wrapped take a sneak peak then wrap it up again
what i do is cut a little bit of the wrapping just enough to see inside and then get the same sort of wrapping paper and stick it back down.
Hi I'm from Ecuador. Your instructable is very funny! LOL!!!!

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