How to Guess the Serial Number on a Borrowed Bill


Introduction: How to Guess the Serial Number on a Borrowed Bill

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how to guess the serial number on a borrowed bill

In this video I will show you how to predict the serial number on a
borrowed bill from the spectator! I can guarantee if you practice this trick enough than you will blow some minds! To the spectator It seems impossible! Doing magic tricks with borrowed items is really powerful and gives meaning to the trick so I recommend you try it out.

Step 1: Make a Prediction

find your own bill and write the serial number on a paper and put it in your back pocket.

Step 2: Palm the Bill

hide your bill in your hand and ask to borrow a bill

Step 3: Switch the Bill With the One in Your Hand

switch the bill with the one in your hand

Step 4: Prediction

reach into your back pocket and take out the prediction. ditch their bill in your pocket on the way there.



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