Picture of How to Hack Candy Crush on an iPhone -- NO JAILBREAK NEEDED

MAKE SURE: You have Candy Crush closed out by clicking the home button twice and sliding the candy crush screen up! Slide it straight up and it should disappear.

Note: This will not interfere with your game data. You will keep your place in the game! This DOES work with the dreamworld.

Step 1: Download Winrar and Plug in Your iPhone.

Picture of Download Winrar and Plug in Your iPhone.
Winrar basically "reads" the file. I guess. I don't know. But you need it! It's not a virus, I've already had "avast!" scan it.
mousepaws8 months ago

The Limelinx link no longer works :(

itsterrylogan (author)  mousepaws8 days ago

I just realized this. I need to edit this ASAP...

ha.san.180628 months ago

does the level go up too ?

I only want lives not levels

itsterrylogan (author)  ha.san.180628 days ago

The link doesn't work. I'm sorry, I'll try to fix this.

itsterrylogan (author)  itsterrylogan8 days ago

But to answer your question, no. The levels are the same on my phone I have like 99999999 lives and the same amount of lollipop hammers.

HochiminH19 months ago

not able to connect to fb,,what i do?

candy carush made it!1 year ago

hak candy carush saga

only1pk1 year ago

link to hack doesn't work. Very disappointed because it only leads to iMesh and another file sharing site but the actually hack isn't automatically downloaded. unless i'm doing something wrong which i highly doubt!???