How to Hack MacBook Password





Introduction: How to Hack MacBook Password

Forgot your macbook password? Want to prank your friends? Read this instructable!!!

Step 1: Have a Macbook!!!

Buy a macbook from apple shop or get other people's one!

Step 2: Shut the Macbook Down

Shut your macbook down (not restart)

Step 3: Turn Back It On

Hold the power button and hold Command-r together, after the apple sign and the progress bar pop up, you can release

Step 4: Recovery Mode

Your mac will be going into the recovery mode after a long wait, go to Utilities on the toolbar, select terminal

Step 5: Reset Password

Press on the disc and choose the user you want to reset the password, type in the password you want and retype it, then press save

Step 6: Finishing

Restart your macbook and type in the password you typed in! Comment below if you success or not!



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    Well you can 'hack' your friends computer

    Done It Works it's awesome i hacked my sister macbook air

    That will only work if your disk is unencrypted. If it is encrypted you still will not have access without the password. File Vault is the first you need to turn on after your Mac is setup.

    1 reply

    Yes. FileVault will prevent this password hack. Clever though.