How to Change Webpages


Introduction: How to Change Webpages

This is a tutorial on how to hack/change any webpage.

Note: This will not actually change the webpage it only will change your view.

Step 1: Open Page

Find the webpage you want to change.

Step 2: Inspect Element

Now right click the text you want to change. Then press inspect element or inspect.

Step 3: Change/Hack

Now in the highlighted text edit where the original text is to what ever you want.

Step 4: Enjoy

You can close out the inspect element window and then show your friends your "skills".

This is not actual hacking so don't worry about getting in trouble.

Have fun.



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    i appreciate your post, can you teach me how to used this means to creat webside?

    1 reply

    the changes will not save.

    It does not works!!!

    It is not permanent if you refresh changes are gone!!!

    1 reply

    it is not a hack and does not modify the page I did say that in the instructions.