Picture of How to Hack Your Eagle Award
Here's how to hack your Eagle award. Some people might want to do this to show support for a change in policies within the Boy Scouts of America.

Step 1: Cut Fabric

Picture of Cut Fabric
Cut your ribbon. I ordered some 35mm grosgrain ribbon. Measuring ribbon in the US is usually English measure, so I ordered 35mm ribbon from an ebay supplier in the UK. I measured about 80mm in length of the rainbow ribbon.
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is it bad for someone to improve the organisation it is in ?

When I don't agree with my governement, should I leave my country ? or just show my disaprobation ? would 45+% of the population leave the USA when either Barrack or Mitt get elected ?

It seems like some people try to force their view on others, it is in some way political but very natural, everything evolve over time.

"The Medal of Honor with a rainbow field is just not the same and it's not a Medal of Honor". I disagree, what is important, the bit of metal or what it represents ? He earned his eagle, even if he changed the ribbon, you can't deny he earned it !
For me, the message is clear: "I am proud to be a scout, I am proud of my achievement, but I wish a few things were different . . . "
Very well said.

You do honor to both the BSA and our miltary services.
I another Eagle Scout who finds this instructable very offensive. It is hands down a desecration, and agree with comments that it is no different than desecrating an American flag in protest of an American policy. What is worse is that you are a voluntarily a member of this organization and rather than respectfully leaving, you choose to both remain a member and openly mock them at the same time. That is what I consider a complete failure to follow the Scout Law and Oath.

I am also a bit shocked at the mean spirited comments here to those who hold the same viewpoint as the BSA. It isn't bigotry to disagree with the sexual actions of an adult. I don't agree with people who have multiple spouses, but that doesn't make me a bigot about it. To all those commenters: please quit throwing judgemental names like "bigot", "hateful" and "intolerant" around. If you are trying to prove a point of tolerance, then you are being counter productive.There are decent people here who may disagree with you, but they respectful to your and others, and being respectful a big part of what being a Boy Scout is about.
Desecration is an act of blasphemous behavior or profanation of a sacred item - while you may argue that the BSA stands for some virtues of Christianity, the medal itself is not a holy or sacred item, and ergo, this is not desecration. Learn the meanings of the words you use.

Furthermore, making the argument that "if you don't like it then leave" is a completely immature and thoughtless statement. Do you not make repairs to your own house when you find something wrong rather than abandon it completely to find another? Do you leave the country (the typical usage of this idiotic statement) when you want a different politician in office? The Scout Law and Oath is and has always been open to interpretation by those who follow and uphold it. To act as if it is an absolute and that YOUR interpretation, or anyone else's, is the only one, and that the organization cannot and should not be changed from within by those who believe it needs to, is disingenuous at least and completely ignorant and hateful at worst.
You should realize that the Eagle rank is the most sacred honor held by the Boy Scouts of America. To defile it is desecration. I know the meaning of the word and the significance of the honor. Just because you don't value it doesn't make it any less of a desecration.

You should realize that ranks, awards, big words mean nothing to a boy scout. It's about living a life of virtues. That's what's 'sacred' to boy scouts. And something that you have consequently failed to display.

The use of the word "defile" does not make the use of the word "desecration" sound more plausible.

Just because the Eagle award is all that you will ever look up to in your life doesn't give it any real value. And no, not even if it's an american one.

It is obvious you don't know why those ranks and awards are earned. They are by definition a symbol of living up to the meaning and character of the Boy Scouts. Taking the central symbol of demonstrating all that the Boys Scouts Stand for, and trashing it does is horribly disrespectful the Boy Scouts.

The rank and award is the result of living as a Boy Scout. The award itself might not be the goal of any true Boy Scout, to earn it is the greatest honor you can receive. Desecrating the highest award and what it stands for is in no way a constructive or honorable way to show you disagree with a policy they have.
i am an Eagle Scout, and Vigil Honor Member, and frankly, I think you're a bit out of line.

First, the Eagle Award is not an honor -- it is earned. Anyone who goes through the motions can earn it. It certainly is a big deal to earn it, and it looks very good to people outside of the organization because of the dedication and hard work it entails. Let me be clear here: I am not trying to downplay the importance of the award, I just think you're making a bigger deal out of this than you should be.

Second, this is a very constructive (and rather creative) way to show disagreement with policy. As an aside, I feel like that, and other exclusionary policies have no place in Scouting.

Are you also offended by people who put up gay pride flags in lieu of an american flag? What about the Christian Flag of America?

Get off your goddamn high horse.
When they deface a real flag to do so, yes.

When they create their own symbol, no.

It's called having respect.
You don't know the first thing about respect. Just blind adherence to your dogma.
So protesting an exclusionary policy is defilement? I see a very clever protest of a policy that has no defense.
There are many ways to protest. The gentleman here chose to protest in a manner very disrespectful to other Eagle Scouts and what they accomplished. He is entitled to opinion, but when that involves mocking an achievement highly revered for a hundred years by Boy Scouts of every generation, that is where it becomes defilement and offensive.

You only see the policy as having no defense because you are either choosing to ignore or simply unable to see a different point of view on the topic. If there was truly no defense, then logically it wouldn't be a controversial issue.
Look who's talking about not being able to see someone else's point of view? You have to go to incredible lengths, ('sacred, disrespectful, unpatriotic, defilement? All from someone putting a rainbow piece of cloth on an eagle pin? Get a grip.
kccd girlcousin2 years ago
He never once discussed his opinion on the policy. He discussed that it is, in his opinion, incorrect to change the medal for a purpose other than what it was originally intended. Please respond to what he writes, and do not extrapolate his opinions on the morality of the instructable to his opinions on the Boy Scout policy. That is a logical conclusion that cannot be made.

I do believe that this is disrespectful to the organization, and to the award. It is politicizing the award and making it a means to an end. I would rather people do stuff like this:

Pay attention specifically to the knot, as that one is probably the most effective (People in scouting understand).

There are great ideas out there for protests, this instructable is not one of them.
girlcousin kccd2 years ago
get a life.
kccd girlcousin2 years ago
good response
Actually, it is a perfectly salient response. You seem to have far too much time to devote to dictating proper beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours to other in matters that are clearly none of your business. For one thing, your, and the other poster's silence on the matter makes it clear that neither of you are Eagle scouts, and as such, your silly outrage is neither pertinent, nor founded.
And you only see hyperbole. Stop accusing others of being intolerant because they don't agree with you. You call it disrespectful, unpatriotic, desecration, etc., etc. The exclusionist policy is what is disrespectful, unpatriotic, and soils the scouting tradition, not this person's instructable.
Vigo: Freedom of Speech.
kccd antioch2 years ago
Antioch, are you an eagle scout?
You might want to reread your hand book. No where does it refer to the Eagle rank as sacred. Even if it did, that says nothing of the medal itself. How about the word? Can an Eagle scout say bad things about Eagles? Can I route for the Steelers? Where does it end?
Also, changing out the ribbon on a medal is not an act of desecration, per se.
Lastly, no, you apparently do not know the meaning of the word. You personal estimation of value does not have any bearing on whether or not it is an act of desecration. If it did, then so does anyone else's, and so no one can desecrate anything if they have no such beliefs.

As to the argument, if you don't like it, then leave, You might wish to contemplate where the BSA would be if the founding fathers of this country had taken the same attitude. Hint: There would not be any U.S.A. for there to be a BSA.
See my below post. The desecration is not of the medal, but what is stands for. Just like burning an American flag. Cheap American Flags are a dime a dozen, but burning one to make a statement is an act of desecration.

From your statement here: "As to the argument, if you don't like it, then leave, You might wish to contemplate where the BSA would be if the founding fathers of this country had taken the same attitude. Hint: There would not be any U.S.A. for there to be a BSA."
Actually, that is the exact value and attitude of the founding fathers. America was the place they left to. They left from the oppressive rulers in Europe.

First, regardless of what you were taught in indoctrination 101, burning the flag is NOT desecrating it. In fact, flab burning is the ONLY way to legitimately decommission a flag. So your example is just misinformed. Likewise, unless the medal stands for bigotry, then swapping out the ribbon in no way desecrates what it "stands for". If it DOES stand for bigotry, then I have no issue desecrating it.

As to the last but, you might want to consider retaking your class in American history. First, the majority of our founding fathers did NOT come her to escape persecution. Where on earth did you get that idea. Do you believe Jefferson and Franklin came over on the Mayflower?!? Most settlers came over for abundant land and increased economic opportunities offered by a land of virgin resources.
Please pray tell, if the the majority came over to escape religious persecution, why was the Anglican Church of England the most populated church in the colonies, and the church whose members included Washington?
In fact, the American history you think you know is nothing more than a myth, and a myth so obviously false in its inconsistencies, that there is little to no excuse for grown adults believing it.
In fact, the founders almost to a one were very reluctant to secede, because they were LOYAL subjects of the British Crown. Seriously, your knowledge of American history is sketchy at best.
But even if that were not the case, my point still stands. They were subjects of a political system where the status quo was to remain so. If they took the attitude that if they didn't like it, they should leave it, they would have NOT come to the colonies, which would NOT have been leaving it, they would have gone someplace NOT within the British Empire.
Sigh, learn to read. I said burning a flag to make a statement. I didn't say burning to decommission.

Second, I very well know my history, and our founding fathers did see America as shelter from European dictatorship. It is why we fought the revolutonary war, because the British Empire was extending their control into the Americas without allowing representation. Those practices had become increasingly iron fisted. The entire point of the declaration of Independence was to declare that they were living in free land not under empirical rule.
My dear sire:
I would politely suggest that it is you who enlists in Hooked on Phonics. Burning a flag for ANY reason is not desecration. How are you claiming says this? Certainly it is NOT part of the U.S. flag code of flag rules and etiquette. Surely you would have read those before making such a declarative announcement of fact:
Also, you might want to reread your U.S. History primer. The founders almost to a man did NOT originally come here to escape dictatorship. In fact, many argued vociferously in favour of staying with the crown. You are free to pretend that this is not the case, but how about you back that up with a citation.
Please list which of the signers of the Declaration of Independence came to this country to escape dictatorship.
I am well versed in the rationale for the Revolutionary War, or the professed cause, a fight against taxation without representation, however that has NOTHING to do with why they CAME here. And in terms of the "if you don't like it, then leave," comment, that is the motivation that is relevant.
So, let's see that list.
I love how the link you provided both states that a flag cannot be used in a manner that damages it, and calls misuse of the desecration. Your own source condradicts both your points of flag desecration.

Also, if you don't believe that the revolutionary war was was not fought by people who left to America as refuge from European rule and their sons, then you need to read the most influential document to incite the revolution, Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Its an excellent read.
Not just a bit disingenuous. First, that is NOT what the flag code is saying. It is talking about it's use as a flag. Nor does it at ANY point refer to misuse as desecration. In fact, nowhere in the entire code is the word used.
As to your bit about Paine, this is a perfect example of your failure to properly employ logical reasoning. NOTHING about Paine's "Common Sense" has ANYTHING to do with why he emigrated from England! Did you bother to research before you posted? Because Paine is a TERRIBLE example. In fact, Paine worked in British government as a TAX OFFICER prior to leaving for the colonies. He emigrated to the colonies after a series of events, starting with his firing from his job at the excise office due to failure to show up, followed by the failure of his business, which caused him have to sell off all his assets to avoid going to debtor's prison, resulting in his separation from his wife. This lead to his invitation to come to the colonies from Benjamin Franklin via his mutual acquaintance, the mathematician and Commissioner of the Excise George Lewis Scott.
His leaving had NOTHING to do with seeking refuge from British rule. History is not something you make up to suit your argument. It certainly does not back up your case here.
Its right on the top in the preamble. Stating that the penalties for such desecration is covered in Title 18, chapter 33. The point referring to misuse of the flag is in Section 8. The portion that would cover flag disrespectful flag burning is in article g.

You also seem to only understand leaving British rule in a physical sense. America's declaration of Independence was their leaving King George's rule. They didn't physically pack their bags and go anywhere. They simply declared America free soil. This is exactly what Paine's Common Sense is all about. Declaring Independence is refuge from British Rule.
Oh god, really?!? First, the section above the preamble is NOT in the Flag Code. That is why it is called the PREamble. There is no pre-preamble. That section is just notes from the person who wrote the website! And again, desecration is mentioned NOWHERE in the code. Anywhere.
Second, the discussion is as to why the founders came to this country it is not, and never was, despite your attempt at the logically fallacious shifting argument, about metaphorical emigration to the colonies. It is about why they actually came here in the first place. You claim they came here to escape religious persecution. In fact, none of them did.
First off, you don't get to say what it is about, because I am the one that brought it up. Second, you yourself signed on to the topic with your own statement:
"... America was the place they left to. They left from the oppressive rulers in Europe."
And again, no they didn't. So you can add rhetorical dishonesty to your illustrious list of credentials.
And reiterate, if you want to not be a hypocrite, please feel free to follow your own dictates. This is instructable WAS published. If you don't like it, you now what to do.
Quit trolling, man. This is what the preamble refers to.

(1) Whoever knowingly mutilates, defaces, physically defiles, burns, maintains on the floor or ground, or tramples upon any flag of the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.


debate that. It's black and white.

Dude. When people realize that you are utterly unable to comprehend anything that contradicts your beliefs. That, just that. That's why and that's when they start getting mad. And then they just stop responding because they realize it's pointless. Or they start insulting you. Because it's the next-best thing to giving you the wake up slap in the face that you so desperately need.

You need help. Go get it now. Don't reply, don't hesitate, just go and make an appointment.
Again, that is NOT the preamble. What part of that are you not understanding. THERE IS NO PREAMBLE TO THE FLAG CODE.
As to your foolhardy reference to §18/700 of the USC, the United States Supreme Court riled in 1989 in Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397, and again in 1990 reaffirmed in U.S. v. Eichman, 496 U.S. 310 that it is unconstitutional for a government (whether federal, state, or municipality) to prohibit the desecration of a flag, so this supposed "law" is invalid, and CAN NOT BE enforced. I.e., it is NOT the law.
Consider the issue debated.
And that you have been proved wrong.
correction for the above....article e.
Learn to read this instructible then.
This medal is not changed to desecrate it (hoho, how dare I use your favourite word without permission!) but to upgrade it. Hacked to improve. That's something like decommissioning, just the other way round.

Your interpretation of 'your history' is just as wild and fantastic as all your reasoning. I'm not gonna get into how much more complicated it was and how you just picked out and twisted the a few facts to make it all sound ridiculously brave and glorious and heroic. I'll just state my concern that you might actually not be miseducated. Not just.
Oct 25, 2012. 9:29 PMManifoldSky says:
Oh, and BTW, Instructables clearly thinks this instructable belongs on this site.
If you don't like it, then leave.
It's no honor and it's not sacred.
You are just a little boy taking all sorts of important sounding words (let me take this opportunity to point to you saying 'ad hominem argument' and 'self-hypocrisy') in your loud, inexperienced mouth without any idea how to use them.
Please, stop that. Shut up. Back to your gaming console, now. I'm not saying this for myself or anyone else, I'm just trying to protect you from yourself and the harsh world that will rudely stomp on you when you do this stuff outside the internet.

Stop trying to define defilement and desecration. You are a dumb, little boy that somehow found his way from his gaming console to dad's keyboard. You have just successfully demonstrated how utterly useless it is to know a word when it is not what you want it to be. No matter how hard you want.
Your knowledge of the honor's significance is illusional just as the honor itself.

Just because you value something doesn't make it any more of a desecration when people improve it.
When you look to be insulted, you are seldom disappointed.
I'm a little shocked at your vociferous defense of an exclusionary policy.
At what point have I defended any policy? I strictly based my commentary on the treatment of the the Eagle Scout rank and voiced my concern over the people here who have called those who disagree with them things like hateful, bigots, intolerant, etc. Do you think hateful name calling has any place here? Probably not. I am encouraging people to adhere to the "be nice" policy. For anyone sprewing that kind of garbage around here: The world is a much better place when you realize that the people who disagree with you are not hateful bigots.
Crawl down off your cross and we'll talk.
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