Picture of How to Hack an iPhone's Passcode
Ever wanted to unlock an iPhone when you did not know the passcode? This article tells you how to hack an iPhone's passcode. This will open the contacts app from which you will be able to browse, edit, email any contact.
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Step 1:

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Tap the "Emergency call" button on the lock screen.

Step 2:

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Then, enter "####".

Step 3:

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As soon as you enter"####" tap the dial button.

Step 4:

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Immediately, press the lock button which is on top of the iPhone.

Step 5:

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Ta-daa! you have unlocked the iPhone. However, you will only be able to call, edit and email any contact.
HackingT1 month ago

The above one is best method but also i find some alternative ways except this

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rvicky1 month ago
Hi can help me to unlock my iphone 6 password and email
rvicky1 month ago
Hi can help me to unlock iphone6 email and password
GreisonS2 months ago

Estou com iphone 5c ele não quer ativa mais não tem bloqueios de icloud ele e um aparelho de extravio de mercadoria comprei a sim na internet, quando vou ativa aparece a mensagem dispositivo não autorizado este iphone não pode ser ativado para obter o serviço. Por favor entre em contato com sua operadora ou com o applecare. liguei para eles eles disseram que e um aparelho que não tem cadastro de venda quando você compra algo na loja eles fazem um cadastro esse iphone não tem aguem pode me ajudar eles disseram que isso iria resolver mais eu teria que ter a nota fiscal para eles desativar.

GreisonS2 months ago
GreisonS2 months ago
TabithaN4 months ago

your directions suck it didnt work at all

yummieh5 months ago

did not work good try

Saini32h5 months ago

nice try but didnt work

TomO75 months ago

try ipasscode ltd, they unlocked my iPhone on iOS 8, used an online voucher and saved 50%

Puppyluv88 TomO75 months ago
That didn't work eather
princessashly7 months ago

this does not work but nice try

AlishanC8 months ago

It did not [work] trying to do it, hope it work.

......THANK YOU....

alphaj10 months ago

hope it work

jaymone__10 months ago

How to unlock my iPhone 5 if I forgot the passcode? Please guide me how to unlock my phone.

johnsond111 months ago

To Unlock your iPhone visit at this website...


cimenews11 months ago

i have iphone 5c but im unable to unlock from anywhere plz guide me how do i unlock my phone.

siddhi.hk11 months ago

I need help! my iphone has switched off becoz of sum reason and now it is not switching on! what shall I do?

Can you locate the phone's number?

konon2kt2 years ago
i dosent work
Stillapill2 years ago
Can you view text messages?
Goodguy1232 years ago
Try this method
Mine just relics the phone as well. Is this carrier specific?
Chad Baxter2 years ago
epic... got to test it on my friends!
When I do this is just turns off the phone when I press the lock button.