Step 5:

Ta-daa! you have unlocked the iPhone. However, you will only be able to call, edit and email any contact.
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How can i hack into my husband iPhone without him knowing I think his messing around? Please help me??
Both of us have iPhone 5
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<p>does this work on iphone 4</p>
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Hi can help me to unlock iphone6 email and password
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<p>your directions suck it didnt work at all</p>
<p>did not work good try</p>
<p>nice try but didnt work</p>
<p>try ipasscode ltd, they unlocked my iPhone on iOS 8, used an online voucher and saved 50%</p>
That didn't work eather
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<p>nice try but didnt work</p>
<p>nice try but didnt work</p>

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