Picture of How to Hand Embroider a Rose
Do you hate it when you just give out stuffed animals and boxes of chocolates on Valentine's Day? Are you afraid these gifts will make you look bad? Do you want something that will wow He/She? The solution to all these problems is to make a hand embroidered rose. This rose may also give the extra chance needed to have your Valentine impressed and thus say yes when you ask she/he out on Valentines Day.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
The Materials for this Rose are cheap and easily found at most craft stores:

Red and Green Embroidery Floss (about $5-$10 dollars if you buy a set of floss) Found at craft stores
Craft Fabric
Small to Medium Sized Embroidery Hoop (price depends on the quality of hoop you want to buy and the sizes you want) (medium sized wood hoops cost about $5)

Step 2: Finding the Rose Image

Picture of Finding the Rose Image
To find the rose image you want and one that is simple go on to Google images. Type in clipart rose and find one that you think is best but make sure that the image is simple. If the image is simple its much easier to put onto your fabric and to do the embroidery. If the image you choose is to small, copy the image and paste it onto Microsoft Word and enlarge it but don't make it to big or it'll take a long time to make and to trace on to your fabric.

Step 3: Tracing the Rose on to Your Fabric

Picture of Tracing the Rose on to Your Fabric
Light Pencil.jpg
To trace your rose on to the fabric get your computer screen as bright as you can get it. Get out a pencil and start tracing, color light though because dark pencil marking will look bad on your rose and is nearly impossible to remove. Any light pencil markings can be erased but any dark pencil markings will if erased look even worse. DO NOT TRACE HEAVILY!
craftyv2 years ago
Hi! treesneedtobehugged and embroiderers everywhere. It is a very relaxing hobby and so rewarding. Of course there is no right/wrong way with crafts, it's up to each and that's part of the fun. As a member of an embroiderer's guild may I offer a few pointers. You can still get iron-on patterns from craft stores and many embroidery magazines (get from a charity shop if poss) contain charts in them. I pick them up wherever I can because I can use all or part of the chart as I require. The thread looked very "fluffy" so if possible get "silk or cross-stitch thread" which is easier to use and gives a nice finish. When stitching use small even stitches and keep the tension equal as you go along. I hope my tip's are helpful and will be taken in the manner I intended which is as a support to all emroiderers everywhere. My name is Craftyv and I even have an Instructable on how to draw a rose which you might find useful. Great work.
hand embroidery is so relaxing and I am always so pleased to see the pattern work up.  I know there are sewing machines, that make "so called" embroidery, but it isn't like the real thing
treesneedtobehugged (author) 5 years ago
For any walmart shoppers you can"t get any embroidery equipment at walmart, besides that most craft stores have embroidery equipment