How to Haunt a Yard with help from Instructables (edited with new pictures)

Step 7: Torture Chamber

Picture of Torture Chamber
haunted house 09 (22).jpg
haunted house 09 (23).jpg
As you come out of the 3rd "hallway" theres an approx 10'x10' addition to the side of the tent, a piece of pvc with 2 t's is slipped over the bar of the "tent", 2 pieces of tubing go into the t's and run back to elbows where the leg pieces slip in, a "roof of recycled square tubes is then covered with wire mesh  and black plastic, its filled with an electric chair my son and his father in law built 2 years ago, were a live person sits and shakes and foams at the mouth,(an alkaselzter tablet works great!) a standing stock with a store bought frankencritter and a couple of other ghouls, a strobe light and a black light along with a sound effect cd rounds it all out. A live "inmate" interacts with the crowd
eulaliaaaa!4 years ago
I like your idea of using live people for more effect! Great job!