Picture of How to Have a Pirate Adventure

Restless kids at home? Tired of writing Instructables and want to get outside? Have a pirate treasure adventure with your kids!
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Step 1: You Will Need:

Picture of You Will Need:

A map
Talking like a pirate

Treasure box
Pirate hat
Eye Patch
Lath Sword (cover wood in pipe insulation tube and you can have a pirate battle.)

For older kids you can put clues on index cards and create a more advanced pirate experience.

Step 2: Make the map

Picture of Make the map

I had already built a scale map of our home in Google Sketchup to try and map out our landscaping plans. So I printed it out on cream colored legal paper. (8 1/2 x 14) You can make the paper look old using tea, but I only drink herbal tea, and the raspberry tea would have made a very awesome but pink map. You can also burn the edges with a lighter, but that makes a mess when dealing with a 3 year old.

Once you have the basemap drawn, you will need to put the path and final destination on it. We chose to use an X to mark the spot, with footprints running around our house, Family Circle style.

Step 3: Prepare the Treasure

I have an old wooden box that carried a surveyors transit in it, and my son loves playing with it, so we used it as a treasure box. A cigar box, a shoe box, any box will do. Remember, you are doing this for fun, so don't make life too hard.

Line the box with some fabric, and place some treasure in it. Your choice may vary, but we decided to use gold coin candy, ring pops, and candy necklaces. If you use chocolate, and its a sunny day, make sure you hurry along before your treasure melts.

Step 4: Hide the Map

Every pirate hides his map, whether it is buried on a desert island, or tucked in his pocket until he dies and becomes a haunted pirate skeleton.

We decided to hide the treasure map in my foot locker, containing all my childhood stuff.
lemondedis2 years ago
j'adore ! je connais un petit pirate qui va adorer aussi !... merci pour le partage...
Kiteman4 years ago
Haha - the kids are bored, so you find an interesting way to feed them sugar!

Nice project - I'll pass it on to my friends with little younglings.