How to Hear a Voice From Raspberry Pi Zero ?


Introduction: How to Hear a Voice From Raspberry Pi Zero ?

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Today, I am going to show you that how can we hear a voice from Raspberry Pi Zero. I need to write a theoric instruction about this topic because Pi Zero hasn't got an audio out jack on it. You may search it among popular forums then you will see some complex circuits to hear a voice also mentioned in Adafruit.

Note: I haven't got a Raspberry Pi Zero yet. Because there are no place for me to buy it. So, let's get started with my theory of hearing voice from Pi Zero

Step 1: A Basic Step

You have got Raspberry Pi Zero, and a HDMI cable. Just plug both your television and your Pi Zero board with HDMI cable then plug in your headphone to the television.

When you run Pi Zero, go to it's default web browser, then open Youtube while you connected to internet, you may listen the sound of broadcasted video on Youtube.

Note: Instead of headphones you may use laudspeakers.

Step 2: A Moderate Step

On that step, you need to have mini HDMI to VGA converter with sound jack onboarded. Here is the product for example.

With this product, when you attached this converter to Pi Zero with HDMI converters(maybe) there will be a sound jack you'll see,

On that jack is letting you to hear voice from Raspberry Pi Zero for you.

Step 3: An Expensive Step

If you have amplifier such as this product, you may enter your Pi Zero board to this amplifier directly via HDMI cables with maybe using with HDMI converters to do that, the amplifier helps you to see Pi Zero Desktop and also you may hear a voice.

On the digital amplifier, you may see HDMI outputs on behind such as named as Blu-Ray, Game, DVD-Player e.t.c.

Run your Pi Zero, attach to the amplifier directly to one of the HDMI inputs, select this on the menu of amplifier then build your connections.

If you have surround system is attached to the amplifier, you may listen your Pi Zero with a pleasure.


That's all !

Step 4: BONUS: Reading This Instructable

NOTE: This instructable's step is aimed for visually impaired people to hear the sentences to learn what's going on here. Watch the video, it explains all steps.



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    Is it possible to use any kind of headphone thanks to a hdmi to jack converter?

    I haven't found a place where this solution is described.

    Thanks you in advance

    5 replies

    Yes, it is possible because Raspberry Pi outs audio through HDMI socket.

    Thank you very much. Have you tried it yet?

    Because this solution is so easy but no one has shoxn me a working example...

    Thanks again

    I haven't got a circuit you want, but you may try it if you have HDMI TV, or any monitor supports HDMI and includes laudspeaker inside. This may works. By the way, you may look at HDMI socket pin-out diagram to diagnose where is about audio digtal output/input.

    The idea is to only use an hdmi adapter without TV or device and just plug in you jack on the hdmi adapter

    I forgot, insert a headphone directly to your TV's audio aux pin.

    Hey I need raspberry pi zero I am from india I aint able to get that any one can help please ??

    4 replies