The newest version of Evernote finally has a highIight tool!!! but I'll leave this up in case anybody still wants to use these other methods or you're still on an older version.

If you've used Evernote for more than a minute you've probably noticed there's no highlight tool. I'm not going to get into how ridiculous this is for a notetaking application, but instead I'll show you the different ways you can highlight. Some are more useful than others depending on what you're doing. I'll be focusing on highlighting Wikipedia articles because that's what I needed to highlight and clip.

I'll be using Firefox and the Windows Evernote client but I'm sure that most of these will work on other browsers and systems.

Methods (Step:):
1 - "Highlight" Change Text Color
2 - Evernote Clearly
3 - ENML
4 - PrintScreen
5 - Highlight on Pages with Firefox Addon than Send to Evernote (psst, the best option...)
5 1/2 - Copy/Paste Highlighted Character (Blank Space with Highlighted HTML)

If anybody knows any other methods, or alternatives for other OS's and browsers, please tell me and I'll add them to the list. There's plenty of articles on how to do this out there, but none that explain all the methods, hence this instructable.

Step 1: "Highlight" Change Text Color

This is the simplest solution. It's built into Evernote and will get you buy. It's how most get buy, but it's not true highlighting. It's about as useful as just underlining. You select your text and change it's color.
Personally, I made myself an AutoHotkey shortcut. If I'm in Evernote window, select the text I want to highlight and then press {Window key}+H, it highlight with a yellow color. Even better, my method would also work to set various tags. A shortcut can add the quantity of HTML that you want. <br> <br>To do it, I exploit the way Evernote translate stuff you paste from clipboard into Evernote markup. With autohotkey, you get the clipboard content, then, you edit the clipboard to add a with the desired style on it. Search for the WinClip library, it helps. Finally, you paste it back. It works well enough for me while I wait for Evernote to add the feature themselves. <br>

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