How to Hold Six Cards Touching Only One





Introduction: How to Hold Six Cards Touching Only One

Create your own weave of six cards that allows you to show six cards' faces while touching only one. Use it to win a bet or just for show, whatever you like.

Watch the short video below, or go through the step by step instructions above.

Step 1: First Card

First, take one of the cards and place it vertically from yourself.

Step 2: Second Card

Place the second card forming a plus, over the vertical card, horizontally.

Step 3: Third and Fourth Cards

Place the third and fourth cards parallel to the vertical card, on top of the horizontal card. Keep the cards relatively close together.

Step 4: Fifth Card

Place the fifth card parallel to your horizontal card, but slide it under your first card. It should be under your first vertical and over your second two.

Step 5: Sixth Card

Place the sixth card exactly like you placed the fifth card, except on the other side.

Step 6: Increase Strength

Squeeze the cards together to increase its strength.

Step 7: Final Step

Pick up the edges of just the horizontal card, and you're finished. You are now holding six cards, showing their faces, by touching only one.



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i rated u 5

i made one with 72 cards!!!!

here ze go

OK thats impressive nice job cowscankill :)

Lol, that was many years ago :P

that's got to be the most amazing thing i've seen done with cards. nice

LOL that is SICK! I cant even get a house of cards 1 foot high

alot of my friends say that :P