In this instructable I will teach you how to hook live bait to catch salt water fish.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is live bait and a hook

Step 2: For Small Bait

Just hook through the lips

Step 3: For Bigger Bait

Hook right near the tail just under the spine.
<p>for grasshoppers and crickets insert the hook point underneath where the </p><p>head and thorax meet. pass the point through the thorax and exit in the abdomen.</p><p>then take an oval stone about 2 inches long and wrap your fishing line around the rock.</p><p>aiming at a point 100 feet away, underhand lob the rock into the lake or river.</p><p>the rock will carry the line and bait while unwrapping from the rock. the bait will land on the surface about 10 to 25 feet out. the rock will continue to travel away from the bait.</p><p>this technique has gotten me <strong>a lot </strong>of fish<strong>.</strong></p><p>to catch grasshoppers i start in early morning before sunrise, while they are cold.<br>during the day i use a butterfly net. then put them into a coffee can. cut a one inch long V notch near the edge of the plastic lid with the point to the center of the lid. this notch is used to add grasshoppers to the can. </p>
if you only hook through the top jaw and out the head then the fish will be able to open its mouth to run water over its gills, so it can stay alive longer
yah but sometimes when you gat a fairly big blue fish it can snatch the bait right off i usually do this so i have a better chance of getting them
Does this also work with freshwater fish
This does, it works for all kinds of bait live or dead

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