Introduction: How to Hook Up a Lure on Fishing Line

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For this Instructable, I am going to be showing you how to tie on the hook and weight onto a fishing line easily.

Step 1: Materials

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Barrel swivel
Fishing line
Dipsy (Weight)
Hook (On string)

Step 2: Tie

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Put the string through either end of the swivel, then cross underneath and go through the loop that is now created. Do not pull it through yet.

Step 3: Tie

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Go around the line at the top and back through the 1st loop. You can then pull it through. Do the same to your weight on the same piece of string. Cut off any extra.

Step 4: Putting the Hook On

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Put the loop on the hook through the other swivel hole and put the hook through the loop. Pull it through carefully and get something like a pair of needle nose pliers or cork to pull a little more

Step 5: Fin-ish! Get It? No? Okay...

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Now just put your bait on and cast! Its as simple as this.


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