You don't have to wait for Earth Day to do some green good around your neighborhood. Host a Park Clean-Up any time of year (weather permitting, of course) and improve your local hang out while making friends with your neighbors. Do it right and you're sure to get some free coffee too.

To do this Instructable you will need:

-phone/computer to get in touch with the Recreation and Park Department

Start with Step 1 about a month before you want your Clean-Up Extravaganza to begin.

This is an item on the Neighbors Project Checklist.

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Think about it yourself and ask your neighbors: which park do you use most often? Which part of that park exactly? KEEP IT IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD; people will be most excited to help clean up an area that they themselves use and will be more likely to help out if they don't have to travel far to do it.


Make a FRIEND in the RECREATION AND PARK DEPARTMENT (call 415.831.5500) who can help you with the following:

-Getting a PERMIT if necessary.

-Writing up a LIABILITY DOCUMENT that ensures the Park will not be legally responsible if anyone steps on glass etc while cleaning up.

-Providing clean up EQUIPMENT (like those alien hand picker-uppers and gloves) and trash bags.

-Providing DAY-OF SUPPORT such as delivery of clean up equipment and disposal of collected trash.

-Doing OUTREACH and promotion within the Park Department.

-Any bumps in the road along the way. This won't be their first Clean-Up day, so go ahead and use their expertise.
Ian014 years ago
A suggestion for event promotion: post the event on Facebook. People who wouldn't otherwise know about it will see their friends joining, and they can RSVP to give you a rough idea of how many want to participate.
msilva6 years ago
The Neighborhood Parks Council is happy to assist community members with setting up a workday at their neighborhood park, and also in many other aspects of starting a park group. We offer regular coalition meetings with guest speakers, guidance on how to contact and work with Recreation and Park Department staff, fiscal sponsorship for fundraising projects, and much more. Please visit our website or email Outreach Coordinator, Matthew Silva, at or by phone at 415.621.3260 with any questions.
Wow this would do very good in Brazil. Although I don't think local people would be encouraged by a cup of coffee. Strange the county doesn't help set-up these good initiatives. Thanks. Michel Portugal
CowGuy6 years ago
Our park really needs this.