How to Hot Wax a Snowboard





Introduction: How to Hot Wax a Snowboard

Quick and easy and save some $$ money. DIY



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    duede you can catch your house fire wax is highly flammable

    Actually It is not nearly as flammable as you think. I would need a wick to really burn, that or very high temperatures, higher then any iron.

    nice, but taking it to the shop doesn't cost that much, especially when the most you ever really need to wax a snowboard/skiis is once a year...

    Might work for you, but I live near a mountain and snowboard quite a bit. I like to wax it myself so it's done right and I don't have to wait in line at some ski shop. Grab my ticket and go

    well, when i lived in utah UTAH ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, i was an hour away from several mountains...
    lines weren't really long, because we lived less than a mile from this small ski/snowboard shop.

    now i live in houston =-(

    What you need:
    Scraper - Non-metal handmade or store bought.... I got mine on ebay for $3
    Wax - Again another ebay purchase for a bulk stick... $8
    Iron - Best to use a flat iron, but thriftstore had a regular one for $2

    Safety First! I labeled my iron for "snowboard use only" Also be careful with the hot iron and hot wax.

    I didn't feel like building a jig to hold the board, and waxed it inside, so I just used a chair and taped off the area with plastic for easy clean up....

    I spent $13 for tools and supplies and have plenty left for more applications. One of my first video instructions so be kind to me.