How to Humainly Medicate Your Cat





Introduction: How to Humainly Medicate Your Cat

In this instructable we are going to learn the "whipped-cream" meethod of medicating a cat.
Warning The Following procedure may cause unbearable amounts of fun for your cat(s) and will make life a lot easier when your cat(s) is/are sick
There is a rumor that cats love dairy products and who doesn't love whipped-cream (please excuse my comment if you are lactose intolerant). So I decided to make being sick less of a worry for my cat, no pill jammers or syringes needed.

Whipped cream
Liquid Medicine
Small dish

Step 1: Step One: When at the Vet Ask for Liquid Medication

The reasons are scientifically proven liquids dissolve, so why can't medicine dissolve into a food. That is why you don't need a hammer to mash up pills, but most of all never use a medication that came with syringe and needle that was clearly directed to be injected into your cat in a way that is used with all kinds of animals.

Step 2: Preparing the Meal

First check for all supplies then fill the dish with Whipped-cream but only put in about double the amount of medicine in the dish.
Then dump the necessary amount of medicine into the dish use the blunt end of a spoon to mix in the medicine.

Step 3: Serve and Watch Your Cat Feel Good and Get Better!

A little fun can never hurt right?



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    GREAT idea!

    Thanks for the heads up! Just got my babt spayed yesterday and will be giving pain meds for the next 4 days, so am glad for another idea. Both of us thank all of you :)

    One of my kitties had crystals in his urine and had to take the pink ampicillin. HE HATED IT!! I had several puncture wounds as a result. I started mixing his with butter and layering it on the top of his paws. He wasn't all that pleased, but since he is a nice, clean kitty and didn't like pink greasy paws, he would lick every bit off. I wish I had known about the whipped cream, he might have liked that way more!

    Why did I never think of this on my own? I certainly would have used yogurt, not whipped cream, because I don't want a sick cat with a major sugar high. My cat needed surgery once for a bowel obstruction (the piggie had swallowed a pistachio in the shell whole before I could wrestle it away from her). In that instance I was supposed to keep her calm and try to limit her exercise during recovery... yeah, just try that with a ten month old wild street kitten :) I definitely suggest plain yogurt for anyone in a similar situation!

    Thanks for the Instructable, it was nice to see a problem creatively solved!

    As long as you cat is safe and happy now that's what matters!

    You have made a very basic error. Cats do not yum. They nom.


    Cam, you're so right.  The pics are adorable!

    cool. but i thought most cats were lactose intolerant.

    Cats become lactose intolerant after being weaned from their mothers.  They no longer need milk, but must have water.  l am lactose intolerant and share my lactose-free milk with my 3 cats.  l don't drink milk often so they help me use up the quart of milk before it's 5-day 'must-use-by' date.