Step 6: Wait, What Just Happened?

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Well, I'm not exactly sure.  I am no biologist.  According to the wikipedia page on chicken hypnotism, this is a similar phenomenon to a deer freezing when hit by a strong beam of light; it's an attempt to avoid a predator by pretending to be dead.  I suspect that's right, chickens are both extremely stupid and very skittish, so this sort of massive overreaction just seems in line with my (admittedly limited) experience with chickens.

pocketxgirl3 years ago
I just wanted to say that I have chickens and they're actually pretty smart. I don't know if it's the particular breeds that I have (Modern Game BBs, Americaunas, Cochins, Buttercups, Silkies), but they all know their names, come when you call them, and go into the coops when you tell them it's "time for bed."

Of course, we DID hand raise them with tons of human interaction, so maybe that's it. And please don't flame me, I'm sure there are some really stupid ones, too. I'm just saying that they aren't all idiots. :)
no it's true, they are smart indeed! a friend of mine used to keep one as a pet and the hen acted just like a dog, waiting for him, calling for him and following him around, responsively playing and constantly interacting with him and his family! the chicken could even find its way home from non-familiar premises: it used to follow the guy around when he was walking around the block and when the chicken got tired he made its way home alone, ha! :D i have no idea which breed could that chicken belong to though.
depotdevoid (author)  pocketxgirl3 years ago
I believe the varieties my brother keeps are Leghorns and Americanas, I don't know how they stack up as far as smarts.

I bet you're right though, all that human interaction must make a big difference. Ted's chickens are out in the yard with the family all the time, but they don't interact with them like pets or anything. They do chase the cat a lot, he's terrified of them!

And hey, no flames here! Expressing your opinion rationally, reasonably, and politely (as you've done) is always encouraged in my comments sections. My personal experience with chickens is pretty limited, I only have my brother's chickens and hearsay to go on.
I did the same thing with a Guinea baby not to be confused with guinea pigs