This instructable will act as a step by step guide through the process of implementing full hard drive encryption. Full drive encryption will prevent a cyber-criminal from being able to steal your identity in the event that your computer is stolen. With the sudden rise of identity theft nowadays, you can never be too careful. There are two main parts to implementing the drive encryption. The first part will take roughly 30 minutes for someone who isn’t familiar with the software. The second part is completed by the software automatically but will take several hours to complete. This guide assumes that the reader has a basic understanding of computer operations. Once completed, all data stored on the hard drive will be password protected, preventing loss of sensitive data and identity theft.

Step 1: Prepare the System

• Computer with Administrative Rights
• Writable CD / DVD like CD-R / DVD-R
• CD / DVD Burner
• ImgBurn – Image Burning Software
• Truecrypt – Encryption Software

1. Log into the computer with administrative privileges
2. Make backups of all files that you want to save, just in case.
3. Open a web Browser
  • Examples: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome
4. Navigate to page http://www.truecrypt.org
5. Click on Downloads link at top of page
6. Scroll Down until download link for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 link found
7. Download file to desktop or other easily accessible location
8. Double click the file just downloaded
9. Accept the Eula Agreement
10. Continue clicking on next button using default settings.
11. When it appears, click the Install button
12. Click ok when dialog appears about successfully installing software
  • If installation failed make sure your running with administrative privileges
13. Click the Finish Button
<p>like idoo full disk encryption</p><p>http://www.idoosoft.com/full-disk-encryption.htm</p>

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