How to Inconspicuously hide things from people.

Picture of How to Inconspicuously hide things from people.
I will teach you how to hide small objects from people.

(I am not responsible for you getting caught for smuggling illegal items)
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Step 1: What to hide?

Picture of What to hide?
You can hide anything that isnt too big like a car tire. maximum a book.

Step 2: The hiding part!

Picture of The hiding part!
Ok, when hiding things, Put it in a thing that people don't usually look, or use. Hide in places that are complicated to find or get to line a ceiling fan or an old flashlight that nobody uses any more. put money in old CD cases, behind trophies and pictures, or in your shoe.

Step 3: Have fun!

Picture of Have fun!
Like I said, Hide in inconspicuous places.
Now you know how to hide stuff.