How to Increase the Life of Earpiece





Introduction: How to Increase the Life of Earpiece

I have noticed over time, that my earpiece stop working due to breakage of cable. And after some observation, I learned that this was happening due to sharp kinks in the cables, which deteriorate the internal cables. So I decided to avoid these sharps kinks in the cables by using springs.

Step 1: What You Will Need!

You will need 3 or 4 Pens which have springs inside. And of course Earpiece too.

Step 2: Take Out Springs From the Ballpoint.

Take out springs from the ballpoint.

Step 3: Rip Around the Places Where Sharp Kinks May Occur

Rip the spring around the cables, as shown in the pictures, at places where sharps kinks may occur in the cable. These places are usually with the jack and with the earpiece, where the cable is connecting with some hard areas of the earpiece.

Step 4: You Are Done.

You can now check that sharp kinks cannot occur at these places. This hack will not compromise the look of your earpiece and will increase its life. Enjoy



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Fantastic hack. I think I have more dead pens than I do ear buds! Now I have a good reason for having saved them.

I like the look of the spring. IF it doesn't stay put or if it catches on things maybe adding and then molding a bit of epoxy or hot glue would work.

Great instructable, thanks for sharing.

wow that's really cool smart idea

Great idea. Elegant in its simplicity while it promises to be effective. (I have a garden hose connection that employs the same principle, though necessarily larger scale.) I will definitely try this one - I've worn out a few electrical connections, not just ear-buds, where this fix may have helped. I like the look of leaving the spring visible.

Ear Buds are a device to listen to music and other sounds. Ear plugs are to block noise from getting to the ear drum. Ear plugs block noise & sound. There is a distinct difference.

You are right i am amending it. Thanks for correction