I have noticed over time, that my earpiece stop working due to breakage of cable. And after some observation, I learned that this was happening due to sharp kinks in the cables, which deteriorate the internal cables. So I decided to avoid these sharps kinks in the cables by using springs.

Step 1: What You Will Need!

You will need 3 or 4 Pens which have springs inside. And of course Earpiece too.

<p>Very smart idea!</p>
<p>Well done. Smart solution!</p>
<p>Fantastic hack. I think I have more dead pens than I do ear buds! Now I have a good reason for having saved them.</p><p>I like the look of the spring. IF it doesn't stay put or if it catches on things maybe adding and then molding a bit of epoxy or hot glue would work. </p><p>Great instructable, thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>You are right, Thanks for appriciation.</p>
wow that's really cool smart idea
Great idea. Elegant in its simplicity while it promises to be effective. (I have a garden hose connection that employs the same principle, though necessarily larger scale.) I will definitely try this one - I've worn out a few electrical connections, not just ear-buds, where this fix may have helped. I like the look of leaving the spring visible.
Ear Buds are a device to listen to music and other sounds. Ear plugs are to block noise from getting to the ear drum. Ear plugs block noise &amp; sound. There is a distinct difference.
You are right i am amending it. Thanks for correction
Great idea! I've been doing that for years on the small end (mini) of USB charging cables, because they self destructed on me. <br><br>If you wind a bit of vet-wrap around the spring, they last even longer, and the wire doesn't get caught on things.
Good one thanks
good but it is not a home-made gift.
<p>Hey! Great one!</p><p>You could improve it a bit further, if you have some heat-shrinking tubing, you can encase entire spring.</p>
<p>Its a great idea. Thanks</p>
<p>Nice little hack.</p>

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