How to Inject Custom Songs into Guitar Hero III or Aerosmith on any Wii

Step 3: Using the ghost

open up the ghost.exe and click new project. name it and save it. the working folder is where all the temporary files are stored during conversions. everything is deleted at the end of the program when you exit, but the more songs you do at a time, the more space you need. the game location should be the path to the folder, then a \ followed by your game iso name. the little boxes should be filled in as follows: 1. wii scrubber 2. windows audio 3. Xbadpcm plugin. press next. if you didnt properly fill in the game location or working folder, the ghost will crash and you need to restart. the following display will show you the tiers and songs in them, plus the bonus songs. check the ones you want to replace, then click next. if you click export, you basically get a txt file that has all tier names and song names inside. I will give you one warning: do not replace the boss battle songs unless you fret them your self and include lots and lots of star power areas. i speak from experience, and now i have no way of getting past slash because the song i picked, lip gloss and black, only has 2 star power areas. i already have my song folders, but you need to get yours with the link i gave in the supplies list. drag the song folder on top of the smart button. make sure all of the data is correct, then press next. now here, if you downloaded a song pack with unknown difficulty or basically anything except all, you need to click this to allow the ghost to map the other difficulties. if you click view, you can see how the notes look in guitar hero. the notes with white dots inside are hammer ons and pull offs. any blue section you see is star power. repeat with all songs, then continue down. Here is one of the songs i had checked to fix.

click start to finish up in ghost. depending how many songs you changed, this could take a while. with me doing 2, it took 15 seconds. if you plan on making another version with more songs, click save the project. WOO HOO!!!!11!!1!! next step
dosent matter i fixed it
i get a error saying it cant open key.bin pls help
confused9875 years ago
When i click next on the first page with the project settings, i get an error message saying 'can't import songs from iso'. What's wrong?
skullman2615 years ago
It keeps saying error could not get from source HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A.C.E. (author)  skullman2615 years ago
Ok help me out: when exactly does it say that? what are you trying to do?
when you chose the wii scruber and the other two things when i chose the game location and click next it sais error can not locate root of iso