How to Inspect Your 3D Printed Things With a VR Headset





Introduction: How to Inspect Your 3D Printed Things With a VR Headset

Step 1: 3D print an object (or ask a friend to 3D print one for you).

Step 2: Process your 3D printed object in an acetone vapor bath (optional, 30 minutes - 2 hours)

Step 3: Turn on your smartphone's flashlight and put it on a flat surface pointing up (unless you are in space...).

Step 4: Put your 3D printed object on the shiny end of the flashlight (if you don't have gravity, attach it with a magnet or a piece of tape).

Step 5: Put on your VR headset (these things are everywhere these days).

Step 6: Bring your face 0.2-0.5mm close to your 3D printed object being illuminated by the flashlight.

Step 7: Stare at your 3D printed object with one eye for a little while, and then with the other (repeat as necessary).

Step 8: Make conclusions.

Step 9: Profit.



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Not sure what this is doing. Are you displaying the 3D object in the VR headset and also seeing the real-world object at the same time?