Introduction: How to Install 32ch Receiver in Fatshark Teleporter

The Fatshark teleporters and some other goggles have inbuilt 7ch receivers, this instructable documents how I swapped it out for a 32ch receiver.

Step 1: Take It Apart

You will have to take it apart and this will void your warranty. Remove the eyecups and screws. Disconnect the plugs that connect the two shells together.

Step 2: The Receiver Module

This is the receiver module, take it out and desolder the receiver.

Step 3: Removing the Receiver

I removed the receiver by cutting the pins, removing the space, then remove the pins one by one. You have to be careful on the third pin as it is connected to a ground plane.

Step 4: The Receiver

Ensure that you have the correct pinout on your receiver and solder it in. I soldered a connector to make it easier to replace and have the correct spacing. That extra wire you see is because I lifted a pad and could no longer solder to it. The module I used was a diversity module that had its lower connector broken off. It still worked so I reused it.

Step 5: Put It Back Together

Reassemble the goggles and make sure it works. You can cut out a slot for the dip switches if you wish.

UPDATE: I have now cut a slot for the receiver to fit in. It works well with the trued and now the video is great. The use of the buttons on top are now unnecessary which allowed me to install a fan permanently.