How to Install Fusion U-Tip Hair Extensions



Introduction: How to Install Fusion U-Tip Hair Extensions

If you don't have U-tip hair extensions, check out our instructable on how to make them, then you can follow along in this video as Doc shows you how to install them!

For this Tutorial you will need:

Gather your supplies and your already-made U-tip extensions and follow along in the video!

Step 1: Section

Isolate a piece of the natural hair using a clip.

Step 2: Add Extension

Position the extension hair onto the natural hair with the adhesive tip just a few millimeters below the scalp.

Step 3: Add Heat

Fuse the bond and the extension hair using the heat wand. Release the bond and let cool slightly and roll the bond into place.

Step 4: Rotation Test

Do a rotation test and check for cross hairs; reheat and reposition if needed. Repeat until desired style is reached.

Step 5:



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