How to Install Mac OS X Leopard From a Damaged DVD Using an IPod




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Introduction: How to Install Mac OS X Leopard From a Damaged DVD Using an IPod

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I replaced the hard drive on a mac mini and needed to reinstall OS X. Unfortunately, my copy of the Leopard DVD would not boot the mini, or my MacBook Pro -- the computers both just spun it up and down multiple times before ejecting it and displaying the circle-with-a-slash symbol. On closer inspection, the DVD was scratched, but would still appear fine within finder. This is my work-around to install using an iPod.

Step 1: Make an Image of the DVD

Make an image (.dmg file) of the DVD. I did this through Disk Utility.

Step 2: Copy the DVD to an Ipod

Copy the DVD's image to an Ipod. Within Disk Utility, I erased an 8 GB Ipod, then restored it using the Leopard image.

Step 3: Boot From the IPod

Connect the iPod to the mac mini via USB, and boot the mini while holding down the option key. The Leopard install DVD iPod will appear; click on it to boot.

Step 4: Install Leopard

Install Leopard as normal.



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    I had the same problem on a PPC Powerbook G4.
    Luckily, I found an old firewire iPod!

    (The model I had could boot from Firewire but not USB)

    haha! nice workaround! It also makes sense to make a dmg file of your leopard disc... Glad to see your a mac user! 

    14 replies

    how didya do that apple?

    ita alt-shift-k Only mac users can see it!

    I see a box with F8FF written in it.

    ÿ take that hidden windows symbol
    win users:symbol font to reveal it

    ROFL, i see a y with 2 dots above it, for the apples i see thick vertical lines... the PowerMac shows apples though!

    I see three cats playing Texas Hold 'Em and smoking cigars.

    the windows symbol is viewed in wingdings

    I _was_ on vista. Now I've switched to a proper OS (ubuntu) :P.

    I Know!! 