Picture of How to Install Mac OS X Leopard from a Damaged DVD Using an iPod
I replaced the hard drive on a mac mini and needed to reinstall OS X. Unfortunately, my copy of the Leopard DVD would not boot the mini, or my MacBook Pro -- the computers both just spun it up and down multiple times before ejecting it and displaying the circle-with-a-slash symbol. On closer inspection, the DVD was scratched, but would still appear fine within finder. This is my work-around to install using an iPod.

Step 1: Make an image of the DVD

Picture of Make an image of the DVD
Make an image (.dmg file) of the DVD. I did this through Disk Utility.
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Was that a PowerPC or an Intel mini?
ewilhelm (author)  memyselfand16 years ago
I had the same problem on a PPC Powerbook G4.
Luckily, I found an old firewire iPod!

(The model I had could boot from Firewire but not USB)
 So I guess after that you restore the iPod in iTunes?
gmjhowe6 years ago
haha! nice workaround! It also makes sense to make a dmg file of your leopard disc... Glad to see your a mac user! 
how didya do that apple?
ita alt-shift-k Only mac users can see it!
Nope. I can see it.
lucky you.
Derin gmjhowe6 years ago
I see a box with F8FF written in it.
Derin Derin6 years ago
ÿ take that hidden windows symbol
win users:symbol font to reveal it
Kasm279 Derin6 years ago
ROFL, i see a y with 2 dots above it, for the apples i see thick vertical lines... the PowerMac shows apples though!
I see three cats playing Texas Hold 'Em and smoking cigars.
Derin Kasm2796 years ago
the windows symbol is viewed in wingdings
Kasm279 Derin6 years ago
What OS?
I _was_ on vista. Now I've switched to a proper OS (ubuntu) :P.
cool!! 
I Know!! 
Morriscow5 years ago
 sorry but:
geo5264685 years ago
 mac rules 
lukeyj156 years ago
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whats so cool about f8ff
yeah568 Derin6 years ago
It's actually an Apple logo. Only Mac users can see it though.
haha 
Derin qballcat6 years ago
qballcat Derin6 years ago
 on the email it said "derin said"?????????????? lololololololz
Derin qballcat6 years ago
frollard6 years ago
One thing I'm unclear on - the disk wont boot, but it will show in finder, so the disk utility app was happy to rip it? must just be a scratch on the boot-sector (not called that on a dvd I know)...I love it!
robots1996 years ago
Hey Eric had a question, I was thinking about purchasing the new 2009 mac mini, is it any good. Do you like yours?
ewilhelm (author)  robots1996 years ago
I've been happy with my mini.
Is there anything bad about it that I should know abut if I buy it?
I have one- it obviously harder to upgrade 'technically' than a traditional tower pc or mac - other than that they are lovely.
DJ Radio6 years ago
I wonder if you could use the workaround on a PC.
boot of usb thumb drive
puffyfluff6 years ago
Pazzerz6 years ago
Couldn't you just burn a new DVD from the image file and install that directly into the computer?
ewilhelm (author)  Pazzerz6 years ago
No, because it's a double layer disk, and is bigger than my DVD burner can write.
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