Intro.: I am going to show you how to install the Mac and windows fonts on Ubuntu 10.04, but I have to give www.howtoforge.net credit because I found this on there and wanted to share this with the Instructables community.

Step 1: Open Firefox

On Ubuntu, Open your Firefox web browser.
What theme did you use for firefox? Or was it the mac4lin linux theme?
The Mac4lin theme was used.
How about:<br><br># aptitude install ttf-mscorefonts-installer<br><br>I run Debian though.<br><br>pfred1@spot:~$ aptitude show ttf-mscorefonts-installer<br><br><br>Description: Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts<br> This package allows for easy installation of the Microsoft True Type Core Fonts for the Web including: <br> <br> Andale Mono<br> Arial Black<br> Arial (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic)<br> Comic Sans MS (Bold)<br> Courier New (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic)<br> Georgia (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic)<br> Impact<br> Times New Roman (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic)<br> Trebuchet (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic)<br> Verdana (Bold, Italic, Bold Italic)<br> Webdings<br><br>Thanks Billy!<br>
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