Picture of How to Install Pardus On Any PC
This is a guide on installing my fav. linux distro,Pardus.If anybody used this and has something to add,just tell me and I will add you to the collaborator list.Also,any feedback is appreciated because this is my first ible that i thought i made a decent job on.

Step 1: Prepping

Picture of Prepping
Now,Pardus comes in Turkish by default.But thanks to our translator(yes,me) I will show how to make it english.Now,the boot menu comes up.Press F2 to open the Language menu and pick your language from the drop-down(drop-up in this case) menu that comes up.
Bjarke2 years ago
Then how do you install it on broken computers? :)
Gjdj36 years ago
What's the advantage of Pardus over any other Linux Distro? I have ubuntu now and I like it (except it's causing me some problems!).
UOS Gjdj34 years ago
This distro is a national software project of Turkey :) Just another distro of Linux :)
Arbitror Gjdj36 years ago
Problems like what? My favorite Distro is either Ubuntu, or Ubuntu Studio.
Derin (author)  Gjdj36 years ago
Nothing,just a distro like any other.
Lol, everytime I install linux I seem to keep wandering back to Windows. I spend a week setting it up, and then it sits, waiting in the grub menu, just dying to be selected but I just hit enter. I don't know why I hate Windows so much, but I understand it WAY better than linux. Linux is so hidden, i mean i don't even know where stuff like installed program files are, or changing settings. Yep, I'm a PC.
Windows just makes it easy for the user. There are other o/s that are much less obvious about how they work till you get to know them, which can take months or years of using them, and it does not make them less useful. Windows and Linux are relatively simple and Linux is no more hidden than Windows. Other O/S like UNIX variants as supplied by the hardware makers, and very high end ones in that subset like OpenVMS, NSK, MVs, etc, seem even more 'hidden' than Linux until you get to know them. Each of these are very different in the way they work internally. So don't give up on Linux. The esiest way to know it is to use it instead of Windows for common tasks of e-mail, www, and file storage. I use VMS daily from the command line as a webserver, and after no more time spent than with Windows, it is not really hard to use at all. It has a window manager for ease of use like any common PC o/s, but I don't find I need to use it in my applications. Just saying don't be put off by things that are different. Each o/s is like a world waiting to be explored.
That's true, but what was difficult for me when I switched to linux was figuring out how to install stuff. All this compiling stuff just confuses me, which is annoying because I had started to learn a lot about computers and once I took the next step, I just fell. I actually think linux is hard to use because it is too unhidden, there's almost too much information because they don't hide anything from you. It's also such a vast operating system that you really have to search to find the answer to something, because linux has an infinite amount of options once you learn what you're doing.
thats one reason i dont want to dual boot widows and linux
ooops windows sorry
Derin (author)  lilpepsikraker6 years ago
did you put that ubuntu background on it
ultrauber6 years ago
What GUI is this?
Derin (author)  ultrauber6 years ago
JellyWoo6 years ago
wait...can you put this on your flashdrive?
Derin (author)  JellyWoo6 years ago
nope,but it would be awesome Try doing it with UNetBootin
JellyWoo Derin6 years ago
oh, okay.
Yeah, sorry, no offense, but I also don't see why this would be featured. You forgot to add the link to the website on the steps (not on here in the comments). In that case, I can make an instructable on what I feel are the 50 applications for Windows Mobile that are a must.
what is this??? an os?
Derin (author)  AnarchistAsian6 years ago
can we see some pics of it in use?
Derin (author)  AnarchistAsian6 years ago
ok,i will get some more pics soon
Derin (author)  Derin6 years ago
pics uploaded and ready for use
ok great
Derin (author)  AnarchistAsian6 years ago
do any edits you like,your now officially a collaborator
oh, cool.
JellyWoo6 years ago
wait, what is this?
A linux distro (an OS).
oh, okay.
havanacus6 years ago
You didn't explain why Pardus is your favorite... Also, 7 Gigabytes is more then I've got... v.v
Derin (author) 6 years ago
download at pardus.org
Yay, linux. I use gentoo myself/
I will know what it said! haha and roar to you to :P page source ftw
burstfire6 years ago
Nice :D
Derin (author)  burstfire6 years ago
thanks,plan to upload the .iso file sometime soon