Picture of How to Install Pardus On Any PC
This is a guide on installing my fav. linux distro,Pardus.If anybody used this and has something to add,just tell me and I will add you to the collaborator list.Also,any feedback is appreciated because this is my first ible that i thought i made a decent job on.
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Step 1: Prepping

Picture of Prepping
Now,Pardus comes in Turkish by default.But thanks to our translator(yes,me) I will show how to make it english.Now,the boot menu comes up.Press F2 to open the Language menu and pick your language from the drop-down(drop-up in this case) menu that comes up.

Step 2: Accept the licence

Picture of Accept the licence
'Tis GPL licence,you will be told what to do with the notes

Step 3: Select keyboard layout

Picture of Select keyboard layout

Step 4: Do the time zone

Picture of Do the time zone
Again,obvious.If the time is not correct even with the correct time zone,adjust it.

Step 5: Make the users

Picture of Make the users
Fill in the fields,check the admin thing if you want,then press create user,simple

Step 6: Pick the root password

Picture of Pick the root password
Fill the fields in and click next

Step 7: Do the HDD up

Picture of Do the HDD up
Partition as necessary,but note that Pardus requires at least 7 gigs for the installation

Step 8: Sit back,bask in the awesome glory of the explanations

Picture of Sit back,bask in the awesome glory of the explanations
Sit back,and don't have a beer while waiting for the setup.Beer kills brain cells and damages the body,like any other alcoholic beverage.

Step 9: In Use

Picture of In Use
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This section was made from the request of AnarchistAsian,here are a few pics of it in use.