How to Install Prebond Extensions Using Shrinkies




Introduction: How to Install Prebond Extensions Using Shrinkies

If you're looking for an installation method that won't slip but still has all the movement and conceal-ability of prebond, shrinkies are for you! In this video Doc will show you step-by-step how to install this heated extension method!

For this tutorial you will need:

Grab your heat tool and follow along in the video!

Step 1: Section

Slide the Shrinkies onto the pulling needle.Carve off a section of hair and slide one Shrinkie onto the natural hair.

Step 2: Add Extension Bond

Insert the tip of the extension hair into the Shrinkie.

Step 3: Add Heat

Apply heat to the Shrinkie using a heat wand. Roll the bond into place.

Step 4: Double Check

Do a rotation test and reposition if needed. Repeat until desired style is reached.



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