Introduction: How to Install Prebond Hair Extensions With Linkies

Ready to get the mermaid hair of your dreams? In this video Doc will show you how to install prebond hair with linkies beads!

For this tutorial you will need:

Got your supplies? Lets do this!

Step 1: Part Hair

Picture of Part Hair

Section hair away from the part line, securing with a clip. Before your installation, you can cut down the ends of your prebonded hair, that way you won't have large sections of the extension coming out of your bead.

Step 2: Linkies

Picture of Linkies

Place Linkies onto the microneedle. Pick up a section of natural hair with the microneedle and slide the Link onto it.

Step 3: Add Prebond Hair

Picture of Add Prebond Hair

Pick a single piece of bonded extension hair and insert the tip into the Link.

Step 4: Secure

Picture of Secure

Using your closer tool, position the Link and compress it to close. Continue this process until you have completed your style.

Step 5: Removal

Picture of Removal

Slide a closed Link into the opener tool.

Apply gentle pressure and the Link will pop open.

Slide Link and extension hair off of the natural strand.

Repeat until all extensions have been removed.


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