Picture of How to Install Scripts for Greasemonkey
in this instructable i will teach you how to install different types of scripts on to a program called greasemonkey.

first you will need to:

install firefox
install greasemonkey
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Step 1: Search for Scripts

Picture of Search for Scripts
once you have greasemonkey on firefox, all you need to do is search for scripts. go to and search for a script in the SEARCH box.

Step 2: Look for Scripts

Picture of Look for Scripts
now type in what you want to search for. and you results will show up.

Step 3: Install the Script

Picture of Install the Script
install 2.bmp
click on the icon and click the INSTALL button to install. a message beside the greasemonkey face should appear saying that it has been installed successfully.

Step 4: Have Fun

now have fun with your newly installed scripts!!!
ll.138 years ago
Take a look for Platypus, a WYSIWYG greecemonkey script creator, it's on
LasVegas8 years ago
Wow! You mean you can download and install stuff in Windows? When I saw this instructable, I thought you were going to demonstrate actually creating functional Javascript scripts for use with GreaseMonkey.
Question: Any clue how to remove/replace characters from a URL in whatever language greasemonkey operates on (I think it's javascript)?
Javascript is stored as text just like html files. Open the script with any text editor and look for URLs to edit. They may be stored as variables or used directly. Just look for the tell-tale 'http://'
you can always edit scripts, but i dont really know how to create scripts. and yes, you can download and install stuff in windows. (are you talking about greasemonkey or the COOL them/skin?)