Introduction: How to Install Vinyl Decal Using Hinge Method

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This method works great for when placement and accuracy is important.

Step 1: Tape in Place

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Tape graphic in place. Make sure its level and where you want it because if done right it will stay exactly where you taped it.

Step 2: Peel

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Peel backing paper away from transfer tape. Only peel up until where you taped the graphic.

Step 3: Cut

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Cut backing paper in half. DO NOT cut transfer tape or decal

Step 4: Apply

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Now pull graphic tight and from the center outward apply even pressure across graphic using a credit card or any flat edge.

Step 5: Apply Other Half

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Remove the tape that you used to secure graphic. Start peeling backing paper off from center outward. Apply pressure with flat edge from center outward.

Step 6: Peel Away Transfer Tape

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Now peel away transfer tape SLOWLY. Peel along the surface and not by pulling towards yourself.

Finally your done!

Step 7: Find More Info at

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Battlespeed (author)2017-07-12

Once you get this method, you'll never mis-apply a decal again. The secret is never to peel away from the surface toward yourself - always peel sideways, along the same plane as the surface, while you smooth down the decal behind the peel with a credit card etc..

Swansong (author)2017-07-11

That looks good, where we lived before there was a black car with yellow bat symbols on the sides that was really fun. :)

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