How to Install a Cat5E Computer Jack



Introduction: How to Install a Cat5E Computer Jack

In this video you will learn how to install, cable, and punch down a Cat5e Keystone Computer Jack. Keystone Computer Jacks come in a variety of colors and are available in Cat5e as well as Cat6 and Cat6A.

RJ45 Keystones are 8P8C (8 position 8 connection) jacks that can snap
into a faceplate so that an RJ45 mod plug can be plugged into them. They are punched down using a 110 blade on a punch down tool in either the A pattern or the B pattern. Either A or B pattern can be used as long as the pattern on one end of the cable matches the pattern on the opposite end of the cable, though the B pattern is most popular in commercial use.

Products Featured:

Platinum Tools Professional Electrician's Scissors

Reference: 100697

RJ45 Keystone Computer Jack Cat5e (Female End)

Reference: 100356

Economy 110 Termination Tool

Reference: 100367

Fluke Networks D814 Professional Punch Down Tool

Reference: 102142

Cat5E Computer Network Cable, 1000ft Bulk CMR/PVC

Reference: 100608

Cat5E Computer Network Cable, 1000ft Bulk CMP/Plenum

Reference: 100053

Keystone Wall Plate (1-6 ports)

Reference: 100016, 100137, 100212, 100228, 100278, 100278

Premier Jack Puck Installation Tool

Reference: 101736

Platinum Tools EZ-Grip Puck

Reference: 101978



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