Introduction: How to Install a Clip Set

Ready to go from short to long hair in just a snap?! Doc will show you how to install clipset extensions, the absolute fastest and easiest way to get length and thickness with hardly any work at all! The best part? you can take these extensions out whenever you want to!

For this tutorial you will need:

Gather yours supplies and lets get to it!!

Step 1: Section

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Carve off a section of natural hair at the nape of the neck. Clip the remainder of natural hair out of the way. Backcomb the natural hair slightly where the clips will be placed.

Step 2: Attach Small Clip Pieces

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Position the teeth of one clip in the hair and snap shut. Repeat with the other clip. Carve off the next section of hair about an inch higher than the first. Backcomb the natural hair where the clips will be placed.Position the teeth of one clip in the hair and snap shut. Repeat with the other clips. Carve off the next section of hair and backcomb the area where the clips will be positioned.

Step 3: Attach Large Clip

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When installing a piece with three or more clips, snap the middle clip into place first and alternate snapping the clips closed on either side. Continue adding clips until you have completed the back of the head.

Step 4: Complete Sides

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Add pieces to the front and sides maintaining an inch below the part line.

Step 5: Style As Desired

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Congrats! You've installed a Clip Set!


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