Picture of How to Install a Panel Poster with Grid Spacing
Installing a Panel Poster is simply a matter of sticking a non-permanent, double-stick foam block to the wall, placing your panel onto the block, and repeating this process until you are done. Extra care should be taken installing the first panel so that the final poster is level and square on the wall.

This instructable shows you how to install your panels with a 1/2" or 3/4" grid spacing between them. If you prefer a no-spacing install, follow the instructable, How to Install a Panel Poster.

Buy grid guides and mounting materials.
Learn more details on the project page.
See more pictures in our Panel Poster gallery.

Here's a 4:48 minute video showing you how to install a panel poster with grid spacing.

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Step 1: Get Parts, Tools, and Materials

Picture of Get Parts, Tools, and Materials