Introduction: How to Install a Pinned Lo-pro Gas Block From Ballistic Advantage

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This is your guide to installing your pinned lo-pro gas block to get you one step closer to finishing your rifle build.

Step 1: Loosen Set Screws

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If you’ve ordered a cross pinned Ballistic Advantage Lo pro gas block, it will come with the lo-pro gas block already on the barrel with the set screws on the bottom slightly tightened. Take your allen wrench and loosen both set screws.

Step 2: Take Off Gas Block

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Once your set screws are loose, using the soft side of your amorers hammer (so not to damage your gas block), slightly tap on the gas block towards the muzzle of your barrel. It should dislodge rather easily. Then proceed to slide it carefully off the barrel. (Melonited AR barrels don’t scratch too easy, however, stainless steel barrels will. So carefully slide it off the barrel as not to scratch it.)

Step 3: Install Barrel Nut

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At this point, with the gas block off, you can now install your barrel nut. These come in many different shapes and sizes. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to install their barrel nut.

Step 4: Center Gas Block

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Now carefully slip your gas block back over the muzzle and onto the gas block journal (Be sure to oil the journal before sliding on your gas block). Center the gas block with the upper receiver. Lightly tighten your set screws so you can still tap it to center with the soft side of your hammer.

Step 5: Tighten Set Screws

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Once you're sure the gas block is centered with the upper receiver, tighten the set screws all the way.

Step 6: Grab Your Roll Pin

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Take your included roll pin and line it up with the hole drilled through the bottom of the gas block. Hold both the roll pin and your roll pin starter punch, size 4s, in the same hand.

Step 7: Hammer in Your Roll Pin

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Use your hammer to strike the starter punch driving the roll pin. Tap it a couple times until the pen is centered in the gas block and the same length is sticking out of both sides.

Step 8: Finished Product

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This is what the bottom of your gas block should look like with the roll pin centered in the hole that was pre-drilled for you at Ballistic Advantage.


Popeye1959 (author)2016-12-31

Is the roll pin already inserted in the gas block when you buy the barrel, requiring it to be driven out first? Or is the barrel and gas block just drilled at the correct location with the pin to be installed for the first time buy the customer? Also, can you use a drift punch (small drill bit), to properly locate the gas block when tightening the set screws?

The barrel and gas block will come drilled in the correct location with the roll pin included in the bag. Yes it is a good idea to use a guide as you properly locate the gas block. Thanks for the questions!

tomatoskins (author)2016-07-01

Thanks for sharing!

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