Step 5: Attaching the Skimmer

Picture of Attaching the Skimmer
Next, move to the inside of the pool and apply Teflon tape to the skimmer nipple (Photo 1) and thread the skimmer adapter into place (Photo 1). Hand tighten this fitting, then snug it with pliers and install a hose adapter fitting in the other end (Photo 2). Now, slide the hose that’s attached to the bottom of the skimmer onto this hose adapter and attach it with one of the snap connectors supplied with the pool package (Photo 3). 

To work properly, this skimmer hose will have to be adjusted after the pool is full of water. All that’s required is moving a plastic strap on the hose to form a loop that looks something like a plumbing sink trap. When adjusted properly, this loop keeps the skimmer floating in a level position instead of tipping from side to side.