A laser cutter will let you cut or engrave a lot of different materials ranging from soft materials such as cardboard or rubber to hard surfaces such as aluminium and glass. Flat materials are mostly used on a laser cutter, however, some models will let you engrave on cylindrical surfaces using a rotary jig.

This Instructable will show you how to install and use the rotary attachment on the Epilog Fusion laser cutter in order to engrave text and images on your favorite bowl, water bottle or mug.

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Step 1: Remove the Vector Grid

The first thing you will need to do is to open the lid of the laser cutter and pull the front panel towards you. This will give you more room to access the vector grid.

Make sure the laser head is in the home position (top left corner). If not, press the reset button.

You can now place your hands on both sides of the grid and lift it. It should come off the bed pretty easily.

You will now have to lower the bed (using the joystick on the panel) to the very bottom of the laser cutter because the electrical plug for the rotary attachment is located fairly low.

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