How to Invert the Controls of Radio Control EACHINE I6




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Introduction: How to Invert the Controls of Radio Control EACHINE I6

the radio was just taken from its case and we have to reverse the controls

Step 1: Open the Remote Control

Initially the 4 grapvines unscrew him that unite the superior part with inferior part , then open the remote radio control

Step 2: Disconecting the Cables

You disconected the cables connected to the batteries and the card of the spar

Step 3: Invert the Levers

There are detached 2 levers of control , disconnecting the cables that are connected to the principal card, the levers are reserved connecting the cables previously disconnected

Step 4: Set the Remote Control

set the remote control through the programs for setting

Step 5: Test the Remote Control

The pilots have effected a flight test with the remote control with the inverted levers



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