Step 2: Getting your parts

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Soldering iron
Computer with LPT port.

1x 25 pin d-sub connector (male or female depending on which kind of cable you have)
Digikey # 225FE-ND

1x 25 pin d-sub cable (lpt cable) You can actually skip the cable if you buy a male connector and make your wires long enough to extend from your xbox to the computer
Digikey # AE9863-ND

3x 330 ohm resistors (only for Xenon motherboards)
Digikey # P330BBCT-ND

1x 1n4148 switching diode (if you have Zephyr, Falcon, Opus or a Jasper get 3x of these)

Refer to the image below to tell what kind of 360 you have.

There has been a new update to the standard wiring you should use for the JTAG wiring on Xenon's which requires just 2x 1n4148 diodes.  I've never used this method before so I can't really help as much if you have problems.  But I would suggest going with it instead since it is supposed to be electrically superior and uses less parts so less room for failure I guess.

nswift21 year ago
My Xbox is already tagged n it was working fine but the hard drive fell out. Iv put it back in but when its on its only bringing up the standard Xbox menu. Homebrew menu has gone and it's sayin no storage device found. I really want my games back!!! Can anyone help me please??!!
Badmandan483 years ago
anyone mind telling me how i find out whether my xbox is a zephyr, falcon, jasper etc.
Anyone know where i could get a pre-modded one? I dont want to risk my xbox so i was thinking i could just get a pre-modded one cheap. (Max would be around 150(i know its dumb and crazy)) I WANNA HACK ASSASSINS CREED BROTHERHOOD! I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anilsson14 years ago
Don't use this outdated method if you have a Zephyr, Falcon, Opus or a Jasper. I used this and had to re-do it all a few days later because I got red rings, which is common with this method. Here is the best method: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=719652

You need, in total,
5x 100 ohm resistors (for LPT)
2x 10 000 ohm resistors
2x 2n3904 transistors
a db-25 male connector (for LPT)
1x 1n4148 diode (for LPT)
EBay/radio shack/bestbuy u can even take the droides from ur printer lol
Alright so big question, can we use a Female LPT to USB adapter to connect to a computer? My desktop does not have the LPT port and I dont feel like buying a PCI card with it if I don't have to
metalowns115 years ago
how do u know if your xbox is hdmi
If you didn't know how to tell if your xbox is hdmi or not PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't try this! Not trying to be mean or anything, but thats the basic of the basic, and jtagging is fairly complicated. :)
well, i was going to ask the same question, because i thought that it was a lot more complicated than if the xbox had an hdmi port on the back.
if you have an hdmi port on the back
4jose15 years ago
can i use 270 ohm resistors
uhhh yh how the heck do we get all these parts, argos? eBay? currys?
Radio Shack