Step 2: Getting your parts

Soldering iron
Computer with LPT port.

1x 25 pin d-sub connector (male or female depending on which kind of cable you have)
Digikey # 225FE-ND

1x 25 pin d-sub cable (lpt cable) You can actually skip the cable if you buy a male connector and make your wires long enough to extend from your xbox to the computer
Digikey # AE9863-ND

3x 330 ohm resistors (only for Xenon motherboards)
Digikey # P330BBCT-ND

1x 1n4148 switching diode (if you have Zephyr, Falcon, Opus or a Jasper get 3x of these)

Refer to the image below to tell what kind of 360 you have.

There has been a new update to the standard wiring you should use for the JTAG wiring on Xenon's which requires just 2x 1n4148 diodes.  I've never used this method before so I can't really help as much if you have problems.  But I would suggest going with it instead since it is supposed to be electrically superior and uses less parts so less room for failure I guess.

<p>Two questions related to the LPT requirement: </p><p>First Can the LPT port have to be embedded or can it be done through a USB to LPT interface?</p><p> Second Can the LPT port on the computer's side be switched/substituted for an MCU (Micro Controller Unit like Arduino UNO or MakeBlock Orion) that interfaces between the LPT cable and the computer?</p>
i can't install porn95nt.exe, it says incompatability with x64 bit verson of windows 7 (i did change the compatability to Windows xp service pack 2)
<p>Wait.....Porn? WTF</p>
<p>Shouldn't have an LPT port on a windows 7 computer anyway...</p>
<p>Is there a way to mod Xbox 360 S without using a devkit? Could you use a jtag? I can't seem to find any tutorials on how to jtag a xbox 360 s. </p>
<p>I just don't want to tear my Xbox apart and figure out it doesn't work I: </p>
<p>Also the last xbox I owned got red ring of death and I took it apart to try to fix it and it broke completely. Yeah, it still worked a little bit even though it had the red ring.</p>
<p>This would be simpler is I still had my old xbox 360 because it was like the one in the instructions I:</p>
<p>This is cheating. FYI you could be banned for this if caught BTW. </p>
<p>and since its cheating you can literally unban yourself so i dont see your point</p>
<p>Very good ible.<br>Can you or someone post the list of the programs to download?<br>Your mediafire link is dead.</p><p>Thank you</p>
What if your dashboard is at 2.0.17502.0 Will that's work ?
<p>Is 2.0.17502.0 lower than 2.0.7371.0? That's your answer. </p>
<p>Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNDFLJm4PEA GREAT FULL EXPLANATORY GUIDE---100% legit~</p>
<p>Hey can anyone suggest a good site to download jtag games for xbox 360 please? (torrent does not have enough peers so its too slow) Any good direct download sites?</p>
<p>I got this from a youtuber's video but i don't know if it's any good because i haven't JTAG-ed my device.<br><a href="http://www.gamestorrents.com/juegos-xbox360-bittorrent.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.gamestorrents.com/juegos-xbox360-bittor...</a></p><p>If you want to see the youtuber as proof, look up this user and look through the videos:<a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ_oTMshzUtMzjXUNcWY75w" rel="nofollow">CrazyBadassNoob</a></p><p>I hope this helps you. If it does can you let us know so i might be more inclined to jtag.</p>
<p>oh yeah most important part lol. You might want to look this up if you wanted to check this out.<br><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/yOVdWMh4QCk" width="500"></iframe><br>or watch this one.<br><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/86ZMp0kk_NM" width="500"></iframe><br></p>
<p>Can i do it on Dashboard: 2.0.17489.0?</p>
<p>I have Dashboard:2.0.17489.0</p>
My Kernel is higher I think, so does this mean I can't jtag or anything at all?
<p>Okay so this is really complicated... Can anybody do it for me? I'll pay... </p>
<p> I need some clarity here. Obviously this set up does not use an External Nand Reader-just a software program. I like that, however, is it better or more efficient to buy an external nand reader? I don't know if the cheapy Nands are fine with the USB port connections, or if I would need the way more expensive Nand-X? I would like to not spend $60-$90 on a Reader to do this project. Any thoughts here? </p>
<p>Thanks man, been looking for something like this for ages lol' finally got it working after 2 hours. Its only a temporary hack but does the job and its got the elegancev3 mod menu aswell (:</p>
<p>how do you save the mod menus without resetting them dude? I can use them during online gameplay but when I turn my 360 off they don't save ):</p>
<p><a href="http://www.jtagxbox360tutorials.wordpress.com" rel="nofollow">www.jtagxbox360tutorials.wordpress.com</a> have a better guide,</p>
<p>How do you put custom maps on games like Cod:WaW because i have been waiting to play with my friend on a custom map.</p>
<p>Hey is this all you need: </p><p>Parts<br>1x 25 pin d-sub connector Digikey # 225FE-ND<br><br>Digikey # AE9863-ND<br><br>3x 330 ohm resistors (only for Xenon motherboards)<br>Digikey # P330BBCT-ND<br><br>1x 1n4148 switching diode</p><p>Or do i need an actual PCB of ozmodchips like another board to stick onto the board? I did not know only a couple of resistors and diods can do the work. Can the console play games on official microsoft live servers then? or will it get a ban of xbox live?</p>
<p>helo can some one help me , i flashed the xbox succesufully but when had to turn it on to get my cpu key it wont turn on at all the xbox is just dead basically </p>
<p>Have you checked your USB and all other ports as they may be bent and touching part of the metal casing?</p>
<p>PLEEEASE Re-upload the files ASAP!!</p>
<p>PLEEEASE Re-upload the files ASAP!!</p>
Anybody know if doing something along these lines would allow you to run custom maps?<br><br>I'm thinking custom zombie maps for world at war split screen like you can do for PC. <br><br>If it is possible that would be awesome always wanted to play a map I made with people that I can actually see and talk with.<br>Great tut thanks for putting it up.

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