Step 4: Dumping the nand

Download the files here (I forgot to include nandpro get that here)
Extract the rar, and open up the nandpro folder
install port95nt.exe (if running vista or 7 set it for compatibility mode for xp.)
Plug your Xbox 360 in, but don't power it on.
Plug the lpt cable in
Pop open cmd and change directories to your nandpro folder
type nandpro lpt: -r16 nand.bin
It will start to dump, this will take 35 minutes
Type nandpro lpt: -r16 nand2.bin and dump it a second time.

If during the dump it has trouble reading blocks, don't worry.  You only have a problem if can't read block after block, which means something went wrong in the middle of the dump and you have to restart it again.

If you are having issues having nandpro detecting it, go over and double check all of your soldering. If you skipped out on the diode, try adding one, and just restarting your computer has fixed the issue quite a few times for me. You also want to make sure your cable is short as possible.

What if your dashboard is at 2.0.17502.0 Will that's work ?
<p>Is 2.0.17502.0 lower than 2.0.7371.0? That's your answer. </p>
<p>Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNDFLJm4PEA GREAT FULL EXPLANATORY GUIDE---100% legit~</p>
<p>This is cheating. FYI you could be banned for this if caught BTW. </p>
<p>Hey can anyone suggest a good site to download jtag games for xbox 360 please? (torrent does not have enough peers so its too slow) Any good direct download sites?</p>
<p>I got this from a youtuber's video but i don't know if it's any good because i haven't JTAG-ed my device.<br><a href="http://www.gamestorrents.com/juegos-xbox360-bittorrent.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.gamestorrents.com/juegos-xbox360-bittor...</a></p><p>If you want to see the youtuber as proof, look up this user and look through the videos:<a href="https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ_oTMshzUtMzjXUNcWY75w" rel="nofollow">CrazyBadassNoob</a></p><p>I hope this helps you. If it does can you let us know so i might be more inclined to jtag.</p>
<p>oh yeah most important part lol. You might want to look this up if you wanted to check this out.<br><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/yOVdWMh4QCk" width="500"></iframe><br>or watch this one.<br><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/86ZMp0kk_NM" width="500"></iframe><br></p>
<p>Can i do it on Dashboard: 2.0.17489.0?</p>
<p>I have Dashboard:2.0.17489.0</p>
My Kernel is higher I think, so does this mean I can't jtag or anything at all?
<p>Okay so this is really complicated... Can anybody do it for me? I'll pay... </p>
<p> I need some clarity here. Obviously this set up does not use an External Nand Reader-just a software program. I like that, however, is it better or more efficient to buy an external nand reader? I don't know if the cheapy Nands are fine with the USB port connections, or if I would need the way more expensive Nand-X? I would like to not spend $60-$90 on a Reader to do this project. Any thoughts here? </p>
<p><a href="http://www.easyjtagmethod2015.com" rel="nofollow">www.easyjtagmethod2015.com</a> is currently unpatched and has its own jtag softmod which is temporary but does work very well.</p>
<p>Thanks man, been looking for something like this for ages lol' finally got it working after 2 hours. Its only a temporary hack but does the job and its got the elegancev3 mod menu aswell (:</p>
<p><a href="http://www.jtagxbox360tutorials.wordpress.com" rel="nofollow">www.jtagxbox360tutorials.wordpress.com</a> have a better guide,</p>
<p>How do you put custom maps on games like Cod:WaW because i have been waiting to play with my friend on a custom map.</p>
<p>Hey is this all you need: </p><p>Parts<br>1x 25 pin d-sub connector Digikey # 225FE-ND<br><br>Digikey # AE9863-ND<br><br>3x 330 ohm resistors (only for Xenon motherboards)<br>Digikey # P330BBCT-ND<br><br>1x 1n4148 switching diode</p><p>Or do i need an actual PCB of ozmodchips like another board to stick onto the board? I did not know only a couple of resistors and diods can do the work. Can the console play games on official microsoft live servers then? or will it get a ban of xbox live?</p>
<p>helo can some one help me , i flashed the xbox succesufully but when had to turn it on to get my cpu key it wont turn on at all the xbox is just dead basically </p>
<p>Have you checked your USB and all other ports as they may be bent and touching part of the metal casing?</p>
Jtag your xbox360 with the softmod technique guy's it is easier have a look at http://www.easyjtagmethod.org/
<p>Don't advertise here.</p>
i can't install porn95nt.exe, it says incompatability with x64 bit verson of windows 7 (i did change the compatability to Windows xp service pack 2)
<p>Shouldn't have an LPT port on a windows 7 computer anyway...</p>
<p>PLEEEASE Re-upload the files ASAP!!</p>
<p>PLEEEASE Re-upload the files ASAP!!</p>
Anybody know if doing something along these lines would allow you to run custom maps?<br><br>I'm thinking custom zombie maps for world at war split screen like you can do for PC. <br><br>If it is possible that would be awesome always wanted to play a map I made with people that I can actually see and talk with.<br>Great tut thanks for putting it up.
My Xbox is already tagged n it was working fine but the hard drive fell out. Iv put it back in but when its on its only bringing up the standard Xbox menu. Homebrew menu has gone and it's sayin no storage device found. I really want my games back!!! Can anyone help me please??!!
Can someone post the file download as the link has been deleted
So what are the opus CB's? Or are all of them exploitable?
Could somebody please repost the first lot of files as they have been deleted from Mediafire. Thank you.
will 2.0.16203.0 work?
I am selling my NAND-X Xecuter (used once) for best offer. Contact me if you're looking to JTag your Xbox.
I NNNEEEDD help cause when i putted black ops 2 in my jtag it broke it and i dont know what to do ... <br>
Thanks for the tutorial, although jtag'ing is outdated now. Reset glitch hack can work on any console although it is more expensive to pull off. At <a href="www.jtagxbox360.net" rel="nofollow">jtag xbox 360</a> there pritty cheap but still...
does this work for 2.0.15574.0
my computer won't let me use port95 i have 64 bit but i don't know which compatibility to change it to
so um nvrmind figured out the compatibility doesn't work still though <br>
hey how do i change its compatibility
is this undetectable???
no, if you go online with it you will get banned within the first hour, its for offline use and system link only. its worth it if u host cod lobbies
anyone mind telling me how i find out whether my xbox is a zephyr, falcon, jasper etc.
Will this work for K 2.0.15574.0 (BK 2.0.1888.0)?
can any one help to jtag for me please tell your Skype id or email address please help me
2 rrod = overheating <br>3 rrod = hardware issue (if you hold sync button and press eject button 4 times the lights will give you the 4 digit error code.. one digit every time you press eject.) <br> <br>error codes <br>4 lights = 0 <br>1 light = 1 <br>2 lights =2 <br>3 lights =3
is jtag ok for 2.0.8955.0? <br>what does <br>D:2.0.8955.0 - K:2.0.8955.0 (BK:2.0.1888.0) (E:0) X:D0E1-F705-B7B6-08FC <br>mean?

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