I know that you have seen someone that you know or heard of someone having one of these "jailbroken" iphones or ipod touch. Having a jailbroken one of these can save you tons of money too. The jailbroken versions can download free appstore app and can also download many other useful apps that are truly incredible. This will make your ipod fully customizable. The reason for creating this is because all of my friends in school have been asking me how to do this and I got tired of doing it so I made this to help them out and learn something new.

This will make your ipod much more worth what it used to be. Also this can be done on a windows or a mac. I will be using a pc but it is that same exact this on a mac.

***This will void your apple warranty, but really who cares? And all this warranty will cover is factory mistakes such as the screen stopping for no apparent reason. And if any of you were wondering it is perfectly legal to jailbreak an ipod but not to download free things that you should be paying for. Do this at your own risk; I am not responsible for anything that happens to your ipod. Nothing will go wrong if you follow these directions exactly, but if you have any questions then leave a comment. Now let's jailbreak our ipods.

This is also the fastest way out there to jailbreak your ipods and this will work on everything out there except for the 2nd generation ipod touch. But there is a way to do it will be on the home screen of the page that my link will take you to.

By the way the theme this is called acid trip, you can get it from cydia.

***Also you will need to have the most updated version of itunes for this to work also.

Step 1: Upgrading to Latest Firmware

Just go into the ipod section of itunes and press update and it will successfully do everything for you of course you will have to have your ipod plugged in for this.
<p>is there a way to do this to an ipod, without having the password? its not synced to my knowledge, and I cant get into It.</p>
You press home button and sleep button and you hold it until u see the apple sign!?
&nbsp;what are the risks and can you restore it back to normal (as in original ipod software)&nbsp;
risks? you could potentially turn your ipod/iphone into a brick.
but if you brick enough of them, you can build a magical iFort!
with a magical iknight!
i read this comment and laughed!! you just made my day friend <br>
absolutely wonderful, thanks very much. Just one question, if i restore it with original iphone software and take into an apple store, will they know? i shouldnt think so but im not sure.
I do not knowwhat they will do and I do not know anyone that has done this but I'm sure they wouldn't know because it is af cousre restored with the original software and shouldn't register on any kind of thing they have and if it is a ligit problem then I'm sure they will take it back and fix it without finding out if it is jailbroken. I will let you know that jailbreaking it will do absolutly nothing to damage your ipod though so if there is a problem it is a manufacture's problem so restore it and take it back to them.
After looking around it seems doing this will void your waranty and when you bring it in they will run loads of tests on it. From what i've heard there's a 50/50 chance that they will know. I think.
When I finish Step 3, is any data erased from my iphone? I don't have all of my music on one computer (Stole from friends). P.S. I have not attempted this yet
I don't know if you solved your problem yet, but there are certain applications (free) that will allow you to take the music off your ipod and put it on your computer.
Yes it will be erased because it puts it into recovery mode which is like restoring your iPod andvypu will have to put the information back on.
does this only work on 2nd gen touch?
<p>the exact opposite actually</p>
Theres a guide that works on any generation ipod with any firmware.&nbsp; here&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href="http://jonygot.no-ip.info/index.php?/archives/11-Jailbreak-Ipod.html" rel="nofollow">jonygot.no-ip.info/index.php</a><br />
um dumb question but does jailbreaking it also unlock it cause i hate at&amp;t an i dont wanna spend $500 to get an unlocked one<br />
Having jailbroken my phone on 3.0 i found that after installing some applications Cydia broke. (it would show loading ... then before showing me the main screen it would dump me back to the home screen) Anyway, in order to fix a broken cydia app without re-jailbreaking here's what to do : SSH into the iPhone and delete everything in /var/lib/dpkg/updates/
Can you tell me whether or not this will de- activate my phone? Because i have an iphone 3g and since i got it, sometimes when i turn it on it says it isn't activated but then becomes activated after i connect it or wait. Will this happen often after i jailbreak it?
when i get to the browse step, were is the file im supposed to find corrupted, i can find it anywhere
Might I suggest using screenshots? And a restoration guide to "re-virginize" your iphone. Besides, I tried this and my iphone bricked.
If it bricks and you know how to get it back to normal and that whole process then uninstall quickpwn and install it again that fixed this problem for me.
You don't have to install quickpwn. It's a standalone application and doesn't require any registry changes.
it didnt erase my contects or music or anything else i know of
it shouldn't that's good
hey it is sayin when i click on the pinapple it says to run this app etc you must install one of the following versions of the .NET framework
I'm not exactly sure what you mean when you say click on the pineapple, if you cold take a picture I could better help you but I have had the problem with the .NET framework just send me a picture of what you are clicking on and I can try to help you out
If this is on your computer then I would go ahead and install that if you want to jailbreak your ipod or iphone. Good luck
awesome just awesome
Hi I tried this several times in hopes to jailbreak my iphone.But when I'm following the steps, on the part where you hold down the power button the same time as the home button, the phone shots off after the six seconds count down. I continue to follow the step and on the end it tells me that an error occurred. Please help! thanks
Great hack. :) Can't wait to get an Ipod and try this hack out!

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