How to Juggle a Soccer Ball





Introduction: How to Juggle a Soccer Ball

All you need is a fully pumped soccer ball, soccer cleats and a flat surface

Step 1: Hold in Front of You So That It Is at the Height of Your Chest.

Step 2: Drop It and Let It Bounce.

Step 3: Kick It Back to Your Hands With the Laces of Your Dominant Foot.

Step 4: Repeat Steps 1,2,3 Until You Can Do 5 Juggle on That Foot

Step 5: Juggle With Your Dominant Foot Without Dropping or Catching the Ball

Step 6: Switch to the Other Foot: Repeat Until You Get 5 Juggles

Step 7: Alternate Feet

Step 8: Right Foot

Step 9: Then Left Foot Until You Can Do So With Ease

Now challenge yourself and see how many juggles you can get without dropping the ball with one foot then the other and finally both. You can even use other parts like your knees, chest, and head as you get better.



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