Picture of How to Jump Over a Fence
I joined the Marines once.
I was hoping they would brainwash me and make everything simple.
Unfortunately their methods don't work on everyone.
They told us "You could be the next Presley O'Bannion!" (He attacked "The shores of Tripoli" in the song "The Marine Hymn.")
and "A Marine doing his job in lives an average of fifteen minutes!""
Hearing that we all barked like dogs as loud as we could because we were Gung Ho.
One of our drills was running up a hill with our unloaded M16s yelling Bang! Bang! and pretending to shoot some bad guys in a little dirt fort at the top. Human wave tactics like this were why we'd die so quick if we ever got to do our jobs.

The M16 was a surprise. At the rifle range we had to put pieces of black tape over the charging handles to keep puffs of hot smoke from hitting us in the eye. That seemed like the worst possible design for a weapon you were supposed to hold steady and not flinch at all.

The workouts were really good. We ran back and forth to the PT (physical training) in formation. The warmups and warmdowns were so good that although I was totally exhausted every time, I never got sore. There was unlimited high protein food to eat in the "mess hall" but we only had fifteen minutes to wolf it down with two spoons. If anyone talked we'd be ordered to stand up and march out of the hall.
Between the good workouts and meaty food I got lots of big muscles.

The obstacle course was lots of fun. Among other things we learned the "High Vault" and "Low Vault" methods of fencejumping that are the subject of this article.

Excellent photos by theinfonaut Her nifty concept for this sequence of photos is that if you pass your mouse over the thumbnails above, they will appear to be animated.
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Plo Koon2 years ago
just have a charging rino in front of u at all times. problem solved
What a stupid "How to" but brilliant!... unfortunately, I'm now too old and eaten too many pork Pies to go round jumping fences etc!!!
......Now 40 years ago this would have been indescribable!!!!
hazode8 years ago
what if you were heavily loaded and were in a rush?
If the fence is run straight through it. If said fence is too strong, a large mount of explosives should do the job :)
mpitcher hazode5 years ago
run through it lol
jokerlz hazode6 years ago
Grab something loading you, cut it in half, put the two halves together to make a hole, and then climb through that.
hockys1 jokerlz5 years ago
your so funny
FROOZ hazode8 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
BOOM5601 FROOZ7 years ago
says: 1. Roll up to the fence. 2. Close your jaw and stick your chin into the fence. 3. Pull your self up a little by opening your mouth. 4. Stick your top front two teeth into the fence, take out your chin, and close your jaw as mauch as you can without taking out your teeth. 5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you reach the top. 6. When you reach the top stick your two front teeth on the top. 7. Keep swinging yourself (by bending your neck) until you have enough momentum to carry yourself over the fence, then let go. There is a risk you'll land on your head, snap your neck, and die. That should help you.
i should try that jk lol
you should make an Instructable about that
oh my word I'm crying I'm laughing so hard.
chalky BOOM56017 years ago
ROFL nice one BOOM5601,.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA and it would actually work too
then attach a spring loaded lever to the bottom of your wheel chair
Whaleman FROOZ7 years ago
then, hypothetically, why are you hopping a fence?
_soapy_ FROOZ8 years ago
Don't wory, I'm thinking of you right now, even if he didn't.
HiZpaniK905 years ago
its easier if ur spanish (i can say that since i am spanish)
edfel015 years ago
u trained to be a marine?
berky936 years ago
what?! no gate vault?! c'mon thats the best way hands down!
eagle-26 years ago
Thanks a lot man, very useful trick!
Undermig6 years ago
lol your old? and you are a boy...wearing flip flop?
dannyboy227 years ago
haha, jumping over a fence can be a pain. When I was younger it was always so easy, but now that im old its a bit harder for me. I tried to do some exercises to increase my jump actually. because I wanted to learn how to jump higherhow to jump higher so I would not have to climb fences.

I would like to just jump clear over a fence you know? I think the taller you are the harder that becomes, but this is cool :)
Noodle937 years ago
Parkour makes it easier :D.
duck-lemon7 years ago
nice threads
BuckyOHare7 years ago
That's no fence, it's a chicken coop.
benhudson8 years ago
If you are lightly loaded, in a hurry and want to show off, you could always annoy your CO by doing a saut de chat.
PKM benhudson7 years ago
On a wire fence? No thanks- thief vault or dive roll all the way :)
benhudson PKM7 years ago
Ah, but it looks like a fairly steady fence :) Dive roll would indeed be better, but could potentially cause problems if you had a pack on. Mind you, anything above a small pack and you'd have trouble vaulting it at all. As for a thief vault, I've never heard of those :) Please elaborate. They sound fun. Chances are that I know it by a different name.
The "thief's vault" is very similar to Tim's "low vault" in form, however the exception is you do not touch the fence with your feet at all. I'd bet that if you searched youtube you would find a good example of it. It would be difficult to do on the example fence because of height, but if had good hand placement and momentum transfer then it could work
It's quite pretty. I shall have a go. Looks very similar to a speed vault but with a lazy vault ending. But nicer than both.
chalky7 years ago
can't you just use the gate like everyone else?? bloody god'dam fence hopping marines lol.
XCabooseO7 years ago
I'm a gymnast and as long as you have a good jump and don't do anything stupid (such as not letting go) you shouldn't have a very difficult time with either of these jumps...
why dont you post more of your training?that would be awsome!!
Whaleman7 years ago
Cool! I am gonna hop some fences tomorrow!
hippojoe7 years ago
I love the fact than you did this all in sandals!
andy60 hippojoe7 years ago
that in itself should be an instructable lol
hippojoe andy607 years ago
lol we should make a collaboration on how to do every day things in...........SANDALS!!!!!
racefanaz8 years ago
what a sissy boy, i am a former marine myself and ususally id just blow the fence, preferrably with a small tactical nuke placed by slacker
Can you post pics?
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